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The sight of a Terrible Towel waving in Antarctica, or being displayed inside a military plane, or being twirled at The Great Wall of China shows just how far Steelers Nation reaches. It's something special when a Steelers fan can be walking down a random street in London, only to bump into another fan wearing a Steelers shirt.

These stories and examples aren't uncommon. On a daily basis, Steelers fans everywhere are displaying their pride in being part of the fan base. With so many fans around the world, there are bound to be just as many Traditions, rituals and stories that each individual fan has for game day and every day in between.

And as proud as each fan is of their traditions, they're just as happy to share them with other fans they meet and tell all about how they show their loyalty to Steelers Nation. Now, there is a place for every fan to share their stories and show off their Steelers pride.

Steelers Nation Unite is giving fans a place to send in their stories and photos to show what makes them a diehard Steelers fan. From Steelers Cars and Tailgates, to Black & Gold Weddings and Tattoos, there is a place for every fan Tradition to be celebrated and featured.

All fans have to do is visit, sign up for free and then post their stories and photos in the Traditions section. In addition to submitting their stories, members can read all about how other fans celebrate being part of Steelers Nation, as well as get tips on new game day recipes and see the different places the Terrible Towel has flown.

Plus, as part of the loyalty program, members earn yards for submitting their Traditions, which helps them take a step towards leveling up and scoring awesome rewards and benefits.

Have you got a Tradition that all of Steelers Nation needs to know about? Join today and send it in to get featured. Members could even find themselves as one of the top three Traditions of the Week, where the leading vote-getter is featured on the homepage at

Simply visit now to sign up and start getting recognized and rewarded for a lifetime of loyalty to the Steelers. Fans can also join by visiting the 'Steelers Nation Unite' tab of the Steelers mobile app.

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