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Rooney praises Steelers Nation

Steelers Nation Unite members were given an exclusive opportunity to talk live with Team President Art Rooney II in a fan forum conference call where the questions came solely from the fans.

The team's official, free loyalty program, Steelers Nation Unite delivers these insider events year-round to members, where they get to interact directly with their favorite current and former Steelers, as well as coaches and front office staff, in what's known as the "Weekly Huddle."

During this 30-minute session, a number of members got the chance to ask Rooney II about a variety of topics, including the team's 2015 season, the 2016 NFL Draft and what is going to be new at Heinz Field in the coming seasons.

The first topic that was addressed, though, was Steelers Nation and the awesome support the team receives from fans at every game and around the world.

"I just wanted to say thanks to all of our fans for the great support we had throughout the season," Rooney said as he opened the call. "I have to say, from the fan standpoint, the kind of support we had both at Heinz Field and on the road this year, it was a very special year. I know our players and coaches are inspired by seeing Steelers' fans and from the support they get."

And what were members of Steelers Nation Unite saying during the fan forum conference call? Take a look below to see the reactions of fans as they got to talk live with the Team President.

Rooney also talked about Steelers Nation Unite and how the loyalty program is continuing to bring fans closer to the team than ever before.

"Such a special part of Steelers football is our fans. Steelers Nation Unite is really an expansion of Steelers Nation and a way for our fans to become official members of Steelers Nation, and really be able to participate more in Steelers football and everything that goes with it," he said as the call was wrapping up.

With interactions like this and no cost to join, Steelers Nation Unite is the ultimate way for fans around the world to score unforgettable experiences and amazing rewards, just for being a loyal fan.

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