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Rooney, fans talk all things Steelers

With the NFL Scouting Combine just a couple weeks away and the NFL Draft on the horizon, fans are eager to know where the team is looking to make improvements heading into next season, as well as talk about the current roster and how it may look in the fall. Fortunately for Steelers Nation Unite members, they were able to talk about these things and more during a special edition of The Huddle with Team President Art Rooney II on Wednesday afternoon.

Speaking live with fans and fielding their questions over the phone, Rooney touched on a number of topics that fans brought up during the call, including the NFL Draft, the atmosphere at Heinz Field on game day, his favorite part of the job, what the team needs to do reach the next level, and more. 

For many Steelers fans, Pittsburgh may not necessarily be their home, which can make it difficult to get to a game at Heinz Field. So when he was asked to describe the atmosphere at the stadium on a game day for someone who has not been to a game before, Rooney did not hold back in his praise for Steelers Nation and the city.

"I think the atmosphere around Heinz Field and in the city on game day is pretty special. I would put it up there against any city in the NFL," he said. "Being here in Pittsburgh on a game day is pretty exciting. I've gotten comments from people with some of the other teams that come to town, and they're amazed at how the whole town turns black and gold on game day. It's just very exciting."

As the call went on, Rooney was asked about a number of different items as it relates to the team's on-field performance. However, one caller wanted to hear from him on a more personal level, and asked the Steelers' President what he considers to be his favorite part of the job.

"I consider myself lucky to have been able to be part of Steelers football for my whole life. I've been a part of a lot of different and great events. Obviously, winning some championships and being around some great players and great coaches. It's been a blessing," he said. "Just being around on game day with the players and the fans, that's my favorite day of the week and my favorite part of the year. We were talking to one of the callers earlier about game day, and it's pretty exciting. That would probably be my favorite thing."

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