Rookies arrive in Pittsburgh

The Steelers three-day rookie minicamp runs from Friday to Sunday, and on Thursday the newest class of Steelers arrived at the UPMC Rooney Sports Complex ready to get to work.

The players went through a checklist of items upon their arrival, from equipment fittings to photos, as well as meeting their position coaches and others throughout the organization.

Fourth-round pick Calvin Austin III, the wide receiver from Memphis, said it really hit him when he walked into the building that he is one of the newest Steelers players.

"It's definitely more real being here, seeing all of the Lombardi Trophies and everything," said Austin. "We all come in and are all in the same mindset, where is the training room, how does practice run, all the little things that we get to brush out of the way and get to learn together. It's a good experience.

"It gave me a feeling inside of such excitement. I am ready to put on the uniform and go represent. You've done all the training and prepping for this. Everything leads back to square one. It's football. At the end of the day, it's football. I am ready to go. I am ready to get out on the field, catch some balls, and run and compete. It will be good to be back on the field."

That was the overall feeling from the rookies, they can't wait to get on the field on Friday and do what they love most.

"It's going to feel great," said first-round pick Kenny Pickett, the quarterback from Pitt. "It's something I have missed, being a part of a team after going through this process for a few months. Having that camaraderie and everyone working towards one goal and being around all the great guys we have. I'm really excited to get back to work on the field."

For Connor Heyward being at the UPMC Rooney Sports Complex isn't something new. He has been in the building multiple times with his older brother, Steelers defensive tackle Cameron Heyward. But this time he is there as his teammate and the sixth-round pick from Michigan State is ready to go.

"I have been seeing familiar faces I have seen my whole life," said Heyward. "Seeing my brother's teammates that are now my teammates is definitely different. It all hits home a little more. I went to my grandmas, my brothers, but coming here to where I now work is when it hit the most.

"I know where the practice fields are, the weight room and locker room, where most of the work gets done. Today was the first time I went upstairs where the meetings and game plan go on. I hadn't been there before. I feel like I should be here. I am just excited to be here and am ready to go. I have been working out, trying to stay in shape. Hopefully that translates over into tomorrow's practice."

The Steelers 2022 rookies arrived at the UPMC Rooney Sports Complex in preparation for rookie minicamp