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Rookie Recap: Mark Robinson

For Mark Robinson, the 2022 season got off to a slow start, inactive the first five weeks, and after being active for Week 6, he was inactive for seven of the next 11 games.

As the saying goes, though, it's not how you start but how you finish, and for Robinson, he finished strong.

After not seeing much action early on, Robinson started the last two games of the season at inside linebacker, including Week 17 against the Baltimore Ravens.

"I don't want to say I'm anxious but just being prepared for the moment and understanding what it takes to be here," said Robinson before the game. "To a lot of people, it's a game. But it's real. We do it for a living, and when the opportunity comes your way, we just pray, we get up and go do it. We live for it."

Robinson responded with seven tackles and Coach Mike Tomlin was asked if he would remain in the starting role the following week against the Browns.

"We're going to do it week to week to give us the best chance of winning," said Tomlin. "We've got a collection of men that we think are all capable. We divide the labor up appropriately based on game circumstances and so we'll deal with that next week and if he's helpful to us, we will."

Robinson got the starting call the following week against the Browns, finishing the game with one tackle but setting a foundation for the future for the young linebacker.

Robinson, the Steelers seventh round pick from Ole Miss, is accustomed to taking his time to get where he wants to be. He began his collegiate career as a running back at Presbyterian College in South Carolina, but after the school dropped football scholarships he transferred to Southeastern Missouri, also an FCS school. He worked his tail off, but wanted more, so decided to transfer to Ole Miss. He was forced to sit out a season following his transfer, and as a walk-on at Ole Miss thought he would be part of an offensive backfield.

He was wrong.

The coaches asked him to move to linebacker, and despite his initial resistance, he made the move.

"Life changing," said Robinson. "Best decision I ever made."



Total Tackles:   
7 at Baltimore Ravens, Jan 01, 2023
1 vs. Cleveland Browns, Jan 08, 2023

Solo Tackles:   
2 at Baltimore Ravens, Jan 01, 2023
1 vs. Cleveland Browns, Jan 08, 2023