Steelers Nation Unite

Rehab is on schedule for Bush

Devin Bush spent time on Thursday afternoon answering questions from fans on a Steelers Nation Unite Huddle, talking about the NFL Draft, his playlist when he works out, and restaurants he has eaten at in Pittsburgh.

But there was one key question everyone on the call wanted to know the answer to.

How is Bush's rehab going?

Bush suffered a season-ending knee injury in Week 6 against the Cleveland Browns, a disappointing end to a season that was going well for him. Bush, the Steelers No. 1 pick in the 2019 NFL Draft, had 16 tackles and one sack through the first five games. But it all came to a quick halt after the injury.

Now, things are heading in the right direction.

Bush is undergoing rehab in Pittsburgh and had good news to deliver about his progress.

"Rehab is going good. I am on schedule," said Bush. "I am feeling stronger week by week. I am trying to get ready physically for next year, especially for camp. I am just staying positive about things and doing everything I can possible to make myself one of the best players next year."

Going through rehab is never an easy thing, and tack on the isolation of a pandemic and it can be even more of a challenge. But Bush said he hasn't had to look far for motivation to get through it.

"Missing the time with your teammates, coaches and everybody in the building," said Bush of what motivates him to get back. "It's hard to be alone and watch football every Sunday, not able to participate. A lot of that motivation comes from that. As a competitor, motivation of coming back and being better is another motivator. Just sitting there and being able to take everything in and put that energy somewhere else. You have to put that inside your rehab and things you want to get accomplished next year."

Bush admits he gained a different perspective watching games on television from home, getting a 'fans' view of it versus what he would normally see from the sideline.
"Wherever I was at the time, it allowed me to watch the game as a fan," said Bush. "It allowed me to see the whole picture rather than be on the defensive side of the ball."

(You can listen to the full call below.)