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Polamalu gets to experience 'the legacy'

There are mannequins throughout the Steelers Hall of Honor Museum that represent the best of the best to have ever played for the Steelers.

They are mainly Hall of Famers, players who have cemented their legacy with the black and gold.

But one of them stands out a bit because only one mannequin has hair.

And it shouldn't take long to guess who that mannequin belongs to.

Troy Polamalu.

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It gave Polamalu a quick laugh to learn that, but he was also quick to point out another fact.

"Jack Lambert is the only one in here who is represented by a missing tooth," said Polamalu.

Polamalu is in Pittsburgh this week to be honored at the Mel Blount Youth Home All-Star Celebrity Roast and made a visit to the Museum at Acrisure Stadium on Thursday afternoon for his first ever visit to the museum.

And he loved what he saw.

"It's nice to be able to really experience the legacy," said Polamalu. "You hear about it often. Quite honestly, it's a blessing to be a part of it and live it. But to experience it in almost a third person perspective is incredible. This team is such a representation of the city, and it's really cool you can almost see the city through the lens of the experience of this football team."

Polamalu toured the museum along with his wife, Theodora, and sons, Paisios and Ephraim. They stopped throughout to really pay attention to every element, from relics that were part of Art Rooney Sr. and Dan Rooney's office, to memories from the time he played for the black and gold.

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Being able to share that with his sons, who even stopped in the radio call booth and recorded the call of their dad's pick-six against the Ravens in the AFC Championship game, was something that touched him.

"They love sports. They love football," said Polamalu. "It's so close to them. These guys they are seeing in the museum are their uncles. Almost everyone who was part of the film at the start of the tour who are still alive, are their uncles. Even those who have passed recently like Franco Harris, my children have spent hours with him talking.

"It's just incredible to be a part of this. It's really close to home for me. We know everybody as we walk through here. We have had time on the field with many of them, time off the field with many of them.

"It's really incredible to be a part of it."

In addition to learning more about the history of the Steelers, Polamalu also was pleased to see current times represented, the time after he left the game.

"What is amazing about the museum is you see the beginning of the franchise," said Polamalu. "And then I have my time with the team in the 2000s. And even now. Now that I am in my 40s to see the 2020s generation, that is incredible to be a part of."

Troy Polamalu and his family toured the Steelers Hall of Honor Museum for the first time

The Steelers Hall of Honor Museum is located above the Steelers Pro Shop at Acrisure Stadium and accessible via the Gate B suite entry. Fans can visit the Steelers Hall of Honor Museum year-round, Thursday-Monday, from 11 a.m. - 4 p.m. The museum is closed on Tuesday and Wednesday (except when there is a Pittsburgh Pirates home game) and when the University of Pittsburgh plays, and dates and hours are subject to change without notice.

The tour fee is as follows: adults - $18, seniors (62+)/military - $15, children (ages 6-17) - $12, and children ages 5 & under - free. A portion of the proceeds benefit the Art Rooney Scholarship Fund.

For more information on tours, group tours and booking, visit, or email

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