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Parker: 'Steelers Nation was with us at all times'

For decades now, Steelers Nation has continued to establish itself as the most loyal and passionate fan base in the world. While that's not something that is lost on the current players, it's not something former Steelers quickly forget about either. That much was clear when members of Steelers Nation Unite talked live with former running back Willie Parker.

As part of an exclusive conference call, members of Steelers Nation Unite, the team's official, free loyalty program, were treated to a live Q&A session with the former ball carrier and fan-favorite.

Remembered for, among other things, his blazing speed and that record-setting touchdown run in Super Bowl XL, Parker fielded questions during the call on everything from his memories as a Steeler to playing with Jerome Bettis and what it ultimately meant for him to wear the black and gold.

As is almost always the case, the conversations led to Steelers Nation and if there was a specific instance that stood out in Parker's mind when it came to Steelers fans showing their support at a game.

However, he was unable to pinpoint just one time that stood out – and, really, who could blame him?

"Seriously, and I'm not just trying to be friendly, every single game we ever played, Steelers Nation was there. Everywhere we ever played, we felt like all of our games were home games," Parker said. "There were probably one or two stadiums that didn't let Steelers fans get in. They probably had to do something where the 412 area code and phone number couldn't get tickets."

No matter where it was, the presence of the black and gold and the Terrible Towel was always strong and appreciated, and it's not as if Parker has forgotten about it since he hung up his pads.

"Whether it was outside the stadium or inside the stadium where they flooded the stands, Steelers Nation was with us at all times," he reminisced.

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Photos of Steelers Nation Unite members enjoying game day experiences as part of the team's 'Thank You Fans' game during Week 15 of the 2015 season.

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