Steelers Nation Unite

'I enjoy every bit of it'

Last Thursday night had the Steelers and Steelers Nation in the national spotlight. It was very apparent, too, as a stroll through the parking lots surrounding the stadium presented a sea of Steelers pride, with fans from all over the world in attendance for the AFC North showdown that was about to take place.

From Steelers-themed cars to fans decked out from head to toe in gear and paint, Steelers Nation made it clear there's no place like home for fans. Steelers Nation Unite member Shawn Spinda of Ashland, KY, was among those dressed from head to face to toe in his Steelers gear.

While Steelers Nation exists in many more places than just Pittsburgh and Heinz Field, Spinda talked of how Steelers Nation Unite brings cool experiences and opportunities to all fans, and not just on game day.

"I've been a member since day one. I joined as soon as I heard about it. The thing I like about it is that Steelers Nation Unite brings the fans together with team. Fans are part of the team," said Spinda. "A lot of these people like me couldn't do the stuff that Steelers Nation Unite presents before – like meeting with and talking with the players on the conference calls. I mean asking all those guys questions is amazing to me. I love it. I enjoy every bit of it."

The interactions Spinda was referring to come from the Weekly Huddle, which provides Steelers Nation Unite members exclusive opportunities to connect with players through events such as fan forum conference calls, live video mailbags and online chats each week during the season and throughout the offseason.

Photos of Steelers Nation Unite members enjoying exclusive experiences at the Steelers vs. Ravens game on 10/1/15.

Steelers Nation Unite also recognizes fans for their dedication to the team. Take for example, member Joe Marthey, who drove his Steelers Corvette nearly 1,000 miles from Palm Coast, FL for Thursday's game.

"We got lots of looks. We got honks the whole way, we got thumbs up, people waving their towels out the window. It's really unbelievable. Steelers fans are great," he said.

There was also member Stephen McFarlane who hails from Scotland, but has been to countless Steelers games throughout the states – making it to games about two out of every three years.

"There's nothing like being at the game. Absolutely nothing like it. It's an amazing city, amazing people and amazing fans. You've got the amazing Steelers to go along with it," McFarlane said smiling, as he was surrounded by a group of fans he's become friends with while attending games during the past 15-20 years.

Living in Scotland, McFarlane also enjoys the benefits of Steelers Nation Unite, citing it as a great way to stay on top of what's going with fans everywhere.

"I thought it would be a good way to keep in touch and just see what fans are up to, and just see Steelers fans having a good time being at the games here and in other cities," said McFarlane. "I've been to road games and Steelers fans just take over. You just feel like you're at home because there are so many Steelers fans there."

For the dedication both Marthey and McFarlane showed, both were featured in articles on and featured on the Steelers Nation Unite social media accounts.

These are just a few examples of the recognition and opportunities that have been given to members from everywhere, as Steelers Nation continues to thrive around the globe.

To experience the exclusive opportunities and recognition that these members have, visit today to sign up.

Free to join, Steelers Nation Unite is the official way for fans to get recognized as members of Steelers Nation and get rewarded for their loyalty to all things Pittsburgh Steelers.

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