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Game day party brings fans together on the road

Check out some of the best fan photos from Sunday Night Football in Detroit in Week 8.

When Steelers fans get together, there's sure to be a party. But before they celebrated a victory on Sunday night in Detroit, before the stadium gates even opened and Steelers Nation came out in full force to support their team, there was a party less than 2 miles from Ford Field to help get fans fired up for kickoff.

At McShane's Pub, Steelers fans from Michigan and beyond came to a Steelers Nation Unite Road Warrior Party to hang out, talk about the Steelers and get ready for primetime football in the Motor City. For those fans in attendance, there was also the opportunity to meet former Steelers LB LaMarr Woodley and snap a few photos before heading over to the game.

Among the many black-and-gold wearing fanatics in attendance was a large group of diehard fans from Ypsilanti, MI. While they typically pack their Steelers bar, located about 45 minutes from Detroit on a game day, they weren't going to miss this rare opportunity to see their team play live during the regular-season. They call themselves Steelers Nation of Ypsilanti and are proud to provide a home for Steelers fans who live in southeastern Michigan.

"It's the best. We get new members every week because they look us up and see that we're a Steelers bar. The family atmosphere is awesome," said Jesse Gandley, who helps run the Steelers Nation of Ypsilanti fan club. "About 90% of our club has some type of ties to Western Pennsylvania or the Pittsburgh area, but we also have some southeastern Michigan people, as well."

The group also has worked with McShane's in the past and was happy to see so many new faces from the Detroit area and beyond as fans rallied together in anticipation of a fun night and a Steelers victory.

"Whenever the Steelers are here, it's automatic that we'll be there," Gandley said. "It's so amazing. Just for all of our fans to see how Steelers Nation comes in and takes over. That's what's exciting to see."

It was just the latest example in a long history of Steelers fans unrivaled ability to make any city feel just like home.

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