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Game day events add to overall fan experience

The ground shakes as the Steelers offensive line sprints by you out of the tunnel. You high-five Antonio Brown and Martavis Bryant as their names are called over the public address system and Steelers Nation feverishly waves their Terrible Towels.

It's a scenario that fans could maybe only imaging – being that close to their favorite players at the epicenter of a Steelers home game. For Steelers Nation Unite members, it's a reality that happens on game day every time the Steelers play in Heinz Field.

"Last summer, we were here and took a tour. That was the closest we ever got to the field. It's incredible that we're down here today. You can't get any closer than this. This is fantastic," said Steelers Nation Unite member Bob Canali.

Canali, a Pittsburgh native who has lived in Hawaii for the past 24 years, relished the opportunity to be on the field and part of the Terrible Towel Twirl, which occurs right as the game is getting set to kick off. It was an experience that was afforded to him by Steelers Nation Unite, and a benefit that made him happy he became a member.

"I wouldn't be down here right now if it wasn't for Steelers Nation Unite," he said. "I was surfing the internet about a year ago and I found out about it. I said, Heck, We're Steelers fans and go to games when we can. I signed up for it. I got a couple of badges and this year I saw the RSVP to let you know that we'll be at the game. Next thing, I know, we're on the field. I highly recommend signing up."

Photos of Steelers Nation Unite members enjoying exclusive on-field experiences during the Steelers game against the Bengals on 11/1/15.

There were also international members who got an up-close view of the action. Gordon Dedman, Lauren Carrington and Neil Owens, all natives of the UK and part of the SteelerNation UK fan club, were more than thrilled to be so close to the action during warmups on Sunday.

"It's awesome. It's what I look forward to every year," said Dedman. "I try and come over every year to see my team. What gives me great pleasure is bringing over friends, Steelers fans from the United Kingdom, like Lauren."

Carrington was in Heinz Field for the second time, but this experience came with the added bonus of an on-field experience.

"It's so surreal. I feel like I'm not here," she said smiling.

There was also first-year season ticket holder Kris Gutherie, who was celebrating her birthday on Sunday. What better way to do it than by standing on the field as the Steelers came running out and high-fiving her team.

"Amazing," she said. "Amazing. Once in a lifetime and what a way to celebrate being 50 years alive."

There were also highlights for members in-game. Geri Stecko was told to be sure she was at her seat during the second quarter, when Steelers Nation Unite showed up with some good news. Stecko and her entire row were rewarded with postgame field access and 40th Anniversary Terrible Towels. It was a nice and unexpected surprise, which she was happy to share with her fellow Steelers fans.

"It was a surprise. To get a call from the Steelers on Thursday and a call today, it was neat," she said. "It was nice [to be able to share it with fans around me]. I told them it pays to know people in high places. There's nothing like Steelers Nation. I bleed black and gold."

As a reward for checking in on the Steelers mobile app as a member, fans get the chance to score postgame field access, much like Stecko's row, and on Sunday, there was a special surprise. Former Steeler Alan Faneca was waiting on the field to meet fans and take photos right on the playing surface. It was a fun experience for the fans and for Faneca.

"Steelers fans are always amazing," said Faneca. "You feel a Steelers fans passion, and I think that's the thing that separates Steelers fans from other fans around the NFL. They feel it in their soul and express it that way. That's what shows."

Heinz Field wasn't the only place fans got rewarded and recognized on Sunday, though. For interacting on social media and voting in the game day poll at, members got the opportunity to score prizes and rewards. This week, a group of members will be receiving new 40th Anniversary Edition Terrible Towels in their mailboxes as a surprise benefit. It's the kind of thing that happens every week and all season long for members.

Free to join, it's the way for fans everywhere to get closer to their team and make being a Steelers fan that much more exciting.

Visit to join for free today and see just how much it benefits to get recognized as a member of the greatest fan base in the world.

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