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Fans talk live with Art Rooney II

"What are the expectations for the Steelers this season?"

"How do you see the offense performing this year?"

"Is there one specific play or moment in Steelers history that stands out to you?"

These were just a few of the many questions fans asked Team President Art Rooney II today as part of a live Fan Forum call to kick off the regular season. A benefit of joining Steelers Nation Unite, members received this insider access that can only be delivered by the team.

During the live call, fans got to hear from Rooney about everything from his memories of "The Chief" to his game day routine and the Color Rush uniforms the Steelers will wear later this season.

Free to join, Steelers Nation Unite brings fans closer to the team than ever before with live interactions, such as this, each week during the season. These live Q&As and calls, known as the Weekly Huddle, are the best way to see a side of your favorite players and team that you've never seen before, as every question always comes right from the fans.

So, what moment in Steelers history stands out to Art Rooney II? Well, it's one that stands out in the minds of many Steelers fans around the world.

"It's hard to get past the Immaculate Reception. That was the last year I worked on the field as kind of a field manager. The play kind of happened almost right in front of me. It was an experience I will certainly never forget," said Rooney. "The fans came running onto the field. One of our old players got me in a bear hug and almost choked me to death. Certainly I will never forget that one."

However, it's hard for him to discount some of the other, more recent moments in team history, as there have been plenty to choose from over the last decade.

"There are obviously a lot of other great ones. Super Bowl XLIII when Ben completed the pass to Santonio Holmes, and William Gay's interception return for a touchdown, those were some amazing plays. Leading up to that Super Bowl when Troy Polamalu intercepted that pass in the AFC Championship Game and returned it for a touchdown. There are a lot of plays that are fun to remember," he explained. "But obviously the Immaculate Reception was something that was a great experience, and something I will never forget. That's for sure."

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