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Fans stay connected with Steelers Nation Unite

Offensive coordinator Todd Haley spoke on a number of topics during a live fan forum call on Wednesday afternoon, an event available only to Steelers Nation Unite members.

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Check out these photos of Steelers Nation Unite events from throughout the 2014 season.

This offseason, members have interacted directly with Steelers President Art Rooney II, former wide receiver and Super Bowl MVP Hines Ward, linebackers coach Joey Porter and offensive coordinator Todd Haley. With more Steelers players and coaches on the list, Steelers Nation Unite is ready to deliver many more of these exciting opportunities to members.

During Wednesday afternoon's session with Haley, a number of topics were addressed, including football, fans and food. Check out a few of the highlights below.

How does it feel to be part of Steelers Nation?

Haley:"I'm a little biased. My father played for the Steelers back in the '60s and was a big part of those first four Super Bowl rings. I was lucky enough to be hanging around the Terry Bradshaws and Jack Lamberts and Lynn Swanns as a young kid growing up. Really, the Steelers were my team for the entire part of my early life. To be able to come back to Pittsburgh and become part of the Steelers family again was really just a dream come true for me. I bled black and gold as a youngster and now I bleed black and gold again. [Steelers fans are] really just the best fans. There's nothing like playing a road game and seeing how many Steelers fans are really out there. When you see those Terrible Towels waving on enemy turf, there's just no better feeling. Best organization, best owners, everything is the best about the Steelers and there's no place I'd rather be."

Where do you see the team going from last season to this season?

"We did a lot of good things offensively so we want to continue to do a bunch of those things – get great production out Antonio Brown and Le'Veon Bell, have continued improvement from guys like Markus Wheaton, Martavis Bryant and the guys up front as they continue to work together. At the same time, I think an area that we can make improvement which should help us put more points on the board is in the red area. In the NFL, as you get closer to the end zone, it gets a lot tougher to move the football against NFL defenses. We feel like if we can improve in that area, both run and pass, that it will help us score more points. If we do that we'll be in good shape."

Where is your favorite place to eat in Pittsburgh?

"It's probably an easy one, but Primanti Bros. That's my favorite place. They always have a bunch of TVs on showing games and whatever else is on sports-wise. It's hard to bypass Primanti Bros. whenever I have a chance to eat there."

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