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Fans rewarded during preseason home opener

Take a look at some of the best fan photos and Steelers Nation Unite experiences from the Week 2 preseason matchup with the Falcons.

For fans, there is nothing quite like the feeling of attending their first home Steelers game. Be it preseason, regular season or postseason, there is something special about setting foot inside Heinz Field on a game day for the first time. Fans are often left with special memories of their first home game experience, regardless of outcome, as the sights and sounds of the day stick in their mind.

At Sunday's preseason home opener against the Falcons, Steelers Nation Unite made a couple of members' first trip to a game even more special.

Jean Large of New Wilmington, PA, accompanied by her son Edwin and daughter-in-law Nicole, were all at Heinz Field for their first-ever Steelers home game on Sunday afternoon. Being that Jean is now 85 years old, it was something she had always wanted to do, and was glad to finally have the opportunity to see her team in-person. Making it even more special was the fact that the family was surprised during the game with postgame field access passes.

"It means everything," said Edwin. "To be able to do this and be on the field of a team we've watched forever has been amazing."

It was also the first time Steelers Nation Unite member Bryce Cresto of Las Vegas, NV attended a Steelers home game, even though he's been to many others around the country, including Super Bowl XXX. Accompanied by his father Kirk, a lifelong diehard Steelers who was born and raised in Pittsburgh and now lives in Ohio, the father and son were part of the Terrible Towel Twirl on-field experience at kickoff.

"I was super stoked when I found out we got tickets to come," said Bryce. "Then I found out I got passes to be down on the field. It was just an incredible experience."

These were not the only members rewarded, either, as hundreds of fans got the opportunity to be part of various pregame and postgame field experiences by being members of Steelers Nation Unite. When fans sign up now to become members, they can also enter an exclusive sweepstakes for a chance to win a VIP trip to the regular-season home opener against the Vikings on Sept. 17.

Fans can visit now to become official members and see all the ways that they can make this season more rewarding from wherever they watch or follow their team.

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