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Fans recognized as part of Family Fest

As part of the first-ever practice and Family Fest at Heinz Field, Steelers Nation Unite recognized a number of fans on the field as part of festivities. The official home of Steelers Nation, Steelers Nation Unite is how fans get recognized and rewarded for their loyalty and dedication to their team.

During the offseason, Steelers Nation Unite announced the start of the Fan Awards, where members get to vote on the best traditions and stories from last season at After voting closed earlier this summer, winners were notified and sent metal football helmets with their name and award listed on them.

On Sunday at Family Fest, a group of those winners were then recognized on the field in a special pre-practice ceremony, hosted by Steelers Legends Tunch Ilkin and Craig Wolfley. Included in the group was Scott Juba of Twinsburg, OH, who won the Steelers Nation Unite MVP award for having more yards than any other member last season. For Juba, it was quite an experience to be recognized on the grass at Heinz Field in front of Steelers Nation.

"It was a great atmosphere," he said. "It was great [to be on the field] and realize you're standing in the footsteps of legends and great players who have played here. To be honored was a great experience."

There were also a pair of video presentations from members who won awards but could not be in attendance. One was from Joe McKenna, member from Ireland who was named the International Player of the Year for having more yards than any other member outside of the United States.

The other video came from someone who is well-known by Steelers fans, actor and Pittsburgh-native Joe Manganiello, who accepted the honorary Fan Award as the Celebrity Fan of the Year.

Members also got rewarded throughout the night with on-field experiences, as they stepped up to the Steelers Nation Unite prize wheel in the Ford Fan Zone and spun for a chance to win great rewards, with the top prize being field passes for practice.

For a chance to be on the field at the next fan awards and gain access to awesome rewards and exclusive content, join Steelers Nation Unite now and become an official member of Steelers Nation.

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