Steelers Nation Unite

Fans receive special holiday message

The holidays are in full swing and Steelers Nation Unite spread some joy on Friday with a lot of help from Ryan Shazier.

On Friday afternoon, Steelers Nation Unite members received a holiday surprise of sorts, when a message came to their phones from the team. While the message alone was enough to bring cheer to fans for the holidays, it took on an extra special meaning when members realized that the person delivering it was Shazier.

The theme of Shazier's message was one of holiday spirit, as he wished members Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. It was also one of personal appreciation, as he thanked Steelers fans around the world for the outpouring of prayers, support and love they have sent him over the past 12 months, and reminding fans that they help to motivate him every day.

As could be expected, fans were thrilled to hear from Shazier and took to social media to show their appreciation.

It was certainly a moment that fans will remember fondly during this holiday season.

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