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Fans get connected with Joey Porter

On Tuesday afternoon, Steelers Nation Unite members were again provided an opportunity to connect with the team, as outside linebackers coach Joey Porter joined fans on an exclusive conference call.

Delivered to members through a special offseason edition of the Weekly Huddle, fans jumped at the opportunity to hear their questions answered by one of the team's all-time great linebackers.

Here a few questions from this Q&A session, covering Porter's time with team as a player, the 2015 season, his role as a coach and how it felt to be named to the Steelers 75th Anniversary Team.

How much fun did you have playing with the Steelers?

Joey Porter: "I had a lot of fun. I wish I could re-live those days because it was so much fun. The experiences I had out there playing in front of the crowds at Three Rivers Stadium and Heinz Field is kind of unexplainable. I played with a lot of good guys, we won a lot of games and we had a lot of fun. It was nothing short of amazing."

What is it like playing for the Rooney family? What are your expectations for the 2015 season?

"Playing for an organization like Pittsburgh and the Rooney family – I know it's a question that when I answer it it's like, "Oh why wouldn't you say that?" – but it truly is the best organization that you would want to come into. Just how we do everything around here and how they treat the coaching staff and the players and the fans, it's truly run the right way. Not to say other people don't run their organization right, I just think we do a lot of things different here with the Rooneys."

"What do I expect for us for next year? We're always in this thing to win a championship. We were short of our goal last year. I think we did some good things but we also did some things we can definitely get better at. We have high goals set for us and we're going to attack this offseason to get better. Every time we load up and go to Saint Vincent, we're trying to start a championship run."


What will you do to help the rookie class?

"I just try to help them with football and teach them how we do it here in Pittsburgh. It's teaching guys how to work, how to take care of their bodies, how to get ready for a game, how to breakdown film and how to put themselves in a situation to go out there and execute and play football at a high level. That's my job for not only a rookie, but for anybody who plays football for the Steelers, especially on defense. I've been there, I've sat in that chair and I've done it, but it's not about me. It's about them. Whatever I can do to help them, I will give them and try to put them in a position to go out there and play football at a high level and be successful."

What did it mean to be named to the Steelers 75th Anniversary team?

"It's an honor. I played with a lot of great football players and I had a lot of great football players that brought me up in this thing. From Levon Kirkland, Jason Gildon, Earl Holmes, Carlos Emmons – the guys I came in with when I was a rookie – there were some great guys that were already here and for me to be mentioned amongst the greats and get on that team is definitely an honor. I had some great guys that showed me how to play this game and showed me what being a Pittsburgh Steeler is about. It's a great honor. There are a lot of great football players on that team and to be mentioned with that group is just an honor in itself."

The offseason will continue to bring these opportunities to interact directly with the Steelers through special editions of the Weekly Huddle. It's just one exciting part of being a member of Steelers Nation Unite so be sure to join today. There are a number of exciting guests awaiting as the Steelers press on towards the 2015 NFL Draft and the start of a new season.

To join Steelers Nation Unite and be officially recognized as a member of Steelers Nation, visit or the 'Steelers Nation Unite' page on the Steelers mobile app. Joining is free, quick and easy and only requires an email address and a password to sign up.


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