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Fans find hangout in unexpected place

It's no secret that Steelers fans exist in every corner of the world. For many fans, getting together with a group of friends to watch the game at a Steelers bar is just as much a part of their game day tradition as waving a Terrible Towel.

For a group of fans in the Baltimore area, a local bar has become known as a place where Steelers fans can go to watch their team. Over the past decade, Todd Conner's has become known as a Steelers haven, with 80-100 fans routinely gathering on game day to cheer on the Steelers while being surrounded by other fans in black and gold.

Kory Mitchell is a diehard Steelers fan and among the game day regulars at Todd Conner's who has helped put the bar on the map as the place to go for Steelers fans. A native of Delaware who now resides in Maryland, he got a love of the Steelers from his father and his grandparents, who were PA natives. It wasn't long after he moved to Baltimore that he began getting involved with Todd Conner's and Steelers fans in the area.

"Friends of mine opened this bar and said it was going to be a neutral place to watch the game and I said it was going to be a Steelers bar," Mitchell said. "I opened a Facebook page for the Steelers fans at the bar and it grew and became what it is now."

Even though they're deep in the heart of Ravens territory, the fans at Todd Conner's pride themselves on the bar being a welcoming place for anyone watching the game.

"It's really a cool place," Mitchell said. "We've made ourselves friendly to everyone. This our sanctuary where we hang out and that's how we want it to be."

Take a look at photos of Steelers Nation Unite events and fans in Baltimore during the team's Week 9 trip to take on the Ravens.

On Sunday morning before the Steelers faced the Ravens, Steelers Nation Unite teamed up with the bar to host a pregame event, which included a special appearance by former Steelers CB Willie Williams.

The official home of Steelers Nation, Steelers Nation Unite coordinates different events for fans at each road game during the season to recognize them for their support of the team. With a dedicated group of fans who gathers each game day, Todd Conner's was the perfect spot to meet up with fans before kickoff.

The fans at Todd Conner's are proud to call the bar home. In fact, the group enjoys the atmosphere so much at Todd Conner's that they watch the games there, even when the Steelers are in town, because they feel like a family when they're together.

"On Sundays we're all together," said Courtney Fleming, daughter of the late Jack Fleming, a former Steelers play-by-play announcer. "Now we have lots of new people coming in and the club has really grown. It's like a little piece of home."

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