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Steelers Nation Unite

Fans enjoy road game experiences

INDIANAPOLIS - It is no secret that Steelers fans are everywhere, either because they already live there or they've made a trek from some place else in the country or around the world. The most recent example came this past weekend as the team kicked off the second half of the season with a 20-17 victory over the Colts.

Before game day even got started, though, Steelers fans from the Indianapolis area and beyond got together for a Steelers Nation Unite Road Warrior party on Saturday night at the Nickel Plate Bar & Grill. A popular Steelers bar for the last 20 years, the Nickel Plate and the Road Warrior party gave fans who had traveled to Indianapolis for the game a place to hang out, talk Steelers football and connect with the team prior to game day.

It's nothing new for the bar, however. Every game day, you can find many diehard fans packing the Nickel Plate and cheering on their team.

"I forgot how popular this place was," said Kurt Emmert, who helps coordinate the group of fans who meet there on game day. "It's been a while since we had a group from out of town come in and hang out with us on a game weekend. I met people from Minnesota and other places, and there's a lot of people who came in from Pittsburgh... We've been at the Nickel Plate for 20 years and you've got to get here about an hour early if you want a seat [on game day]."

Adding to the party was an appearance by Trai Essex, former Steelers OL and Super Bowl champion, who now resides in Indianapolis and has watched games with the fans at the Nickel Plate before. Seeing all of the black and gold that came to town for the game was something he always appreciated as a player, and still does now that he's a fan.

"It's great. It feels like I'm at home again," Essex said on Saturday night. "I know all about the Nickel Plate. When I came to Indianapolis, they welcomed me with open arms. This is the spot for Steelers Nation. I had no idea we had such a following [when I first came out here], but I shouldn't be surprised."

Throw in a Steelers win on Sunday afternoon and a great turnout at the game by Steelers Nation, and it all added up to a successful weekend for fans on the road.

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