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Fans enjoy exclusive Q&A with Dawson

How many football fans can say they began their week by talking live with a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame?

Steelers Nation Unite members can. On Monday afternoon, Steelers Nation Unite – the official home of Steelers Nation – gave members a chance to talk with Steelers Legend Dermontti Dawson (HOF '12) in a live fan forum conference call.

During the live Q&A session, Dawson talked with fans about everything from his favorite moments as a Steelers player and his thoughts on the current team, to what it meant to him to be enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Here are a few of the top questions and answers from this exclusive event.

On his most memorable moment as a player:

"I have two. My first game – especially coming out of college, being drafted to Pittsburgh in the second round and being able to start my rookie year. My first home game, coming out of the locker room and into the stadium and seeing that home crowd was just a rush. My second-best memory is when we made it to Super Bowl XXX against Dallas and we won that AFC Championship Game against Indianapolis. Those are two of the most memorable moments for me."

On being a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame:

"It's kind of surreal. Any time that I go to a Hall of Fame event, it's amazing to know that you're equals with those guys. It's a great feeling. It's a fraternity because when you're inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, you have all these guys who have been in there for a long time. For those guys to validate you as a player when they welcome you into the fraternity, it's great. But it's surreal because I'm sitting there talking to guys that I looked up to and have been in the Hall of Fame for years. Just being able to sit with them and have a conversation about when they played, when I played, life in general and some of the stories they tell us, it's just phenomenal to have that luxury. It is tremendous. I don't take it lightly."

On what it meant to play for the Steelers:

"It is a great feeling. That was my only team and it was my choice to not go anywhere else via free agency. The Steelers have great history and great ownership and it's just a great organization to be part of. You can see that no matter where you go. I just did a fundraiser on Saturday night in Carlsbad, CA and when I was introduced I didn't realize how many Steelers fans were in the room. I couldn't have imagined the amount of Steelers fans that were there who cheered for me when I was introduced. I met quite a few of them, but I just didn't realize how many were at that event. We have a great following. It's great to be a Steeler."

Fans can visit for a full replay of the event.

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