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Fans enjoy exclusive draft event

The NFL Draft, especially the first round, is always met with anticipation and excitement by fans everywhere as they anxiously wait to see who their team selects.

At this time of year, NFL fans are routinely reading up on the latest mock drafts from experts and reporters on every sports and NFL website you can find. What most of those sites do not let fans do, though, is make their own mock draft picks live on the air.

On Wednesday afternoon, Steelers Nation Unite members went from reading about the first round to picking it, as they got the chance to make a pick for an NFL team in a mock draft of Round 1. The team's official loyalty program, Steelers Nation Unite delivers year-round opportunities to interact directly with the team, and this live mock draft was just the latest example.

The question now is how will these picks that members made stack up to this year's first round?

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