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Fans catch up with Ike Taylor

As Steelers fans, there are always questions in mind to ask a player if the chance to talk or interact with one ever presented itself.

Save for tweets of 140 characters or a chance encounter with a former Steelers player, the opportunity to talk live or interact with current Steelers and alumni players isn't readily available.

That's where Steelers Nation Unite comes in for fans. The team's official loyalty program, which is free to join, members of Steelers Nation Unite receive opportunities to interact with their favorite current and former Steelers every week during the season and throughout the offseason.

The most recent example came Wednesday afternoon during an exclusive, live conference call with former CB Ike Taylor.

Fans got the opportunity to ask those questions and heard insight from the former member of the Steelers secondary, who can now be seen as an analyst on the NFL Network.

Covering a wide array of topics from his playing days to the upcoming NFL Draft to his relationships with his former teammates and current Steelers, Taylor was happy to field questions from fans in the 30-plus minute live Q&A session and gave thoughtful insight throughout the live conference call.

Of course, the impact of Steelers Nation was alluded to during the session. In fact, there are few things that Taylor can point to that could top the feeling of running out onto the playing surface before a home game.

"Going out that tunnel, being a starter and your name getting announced, other than playing in a Super Bowl and having my son, Ivan, there's no better rush than coming out of that Heinz Field tunnel for a home game," Taylor said.

And as it could be reasonably assumed, hoisting the Lombardi Trophy on two occasions has stayed and will stay with Taylor as he gets further removed from his time as a player.

"My highest point was winning the two Super Bowls. My first one, in 2005, we were the six seed, had to go on the road, play four of the top five offenses in the league and wound up winning the Super Bowl," he reminisced.

"In 2008-09, our defense was dominant during the regular season and our offense kind of carried us through the playoffs. But just winning those two Super Bowls – you think winning one is one-in-a-million – and I wound up going to three and winning two," Taylor explained. "Two looks good on a resume. Selfishly speaking, I wish we could've won three, but I'm not complaining about two."

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