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Dangerfield signs one-year deal

Jordan Dangerfield has made it well known that he loves playing for the Steelers, and he will continue to do that after he signed a new one-year contract.

"I love Pittsburgh," said Dangerfield. "I feel like Pittsburgh is home."

Dangerfield has made a successful career being a special teams standout, finishing the 2019 season with 12 special teams tackles, tied for seventh overall in the NFL, and five of them solo stops. He also had a forced fumble.

"Everybody wants to be a starter on offense or defense and that is still my dream, to be a starter," said Dangerfield. "But I like my role. I think they know what I can do here. You are a starter on special teams. There is sometimes more pressure because you aren't getting 60 snaps, you are only getting maybe 20 a game. You have to be perfect on each of those plays.

"I love the pressure. You only get one play. You don't have time for any mess-ups. You have to go out and deliver on that play. We only get a handful of plays, a certain amount of plays every game, depending on how the game goes. You have pressure to be perfect on that play."

Dangerfield, who has played in 46 games with three starts in four seasons, said he challenged himself going into the 2019 season to take his game to the next level. He didn't want status quo. He wanted much more.

"I just felt like we needed an extra push on special teams, someone to get that splash play," said Dangerfield. "That miscellaneous play Coach (Mike) Tomlin always talks about that can change the game. We faced a lot of adversity this year, especially on the offensive side of the ball, so we were just trying to pick things up in that area.

"We should have had a few more splash plays, whether it was blocking a punt, taking a punt return back, taking a kick return back. Just making that splash play to change the game. I feel like we should have had at least one of those plays every game. I wouldn't say I feel satisfied, but I was happy with the job we did."