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Steelers Nation Unite

Colbert talks draft, 2017 season with fans

On Wednesday afternoon, Steelers Nation Unite delivered an exclusive opportunity for fans to interact live with General Manager Kevin Colbert during a live fan forum conference call. Steelers Nation Unite is the official home of Steelers Nation and is free for fans to join.

In this live event, known as the Weekly Huddle, members were able to ask questions live over the phone, as well as watch online, to get Colbert's take on this year's NFL Draft, his perspective on the team as the 2017 season approaches, and what stands out to him from the last 17 seasons he has been with the team.

Members, of course, were eager to talk about this year's draft class and the potential impact from the group.

"That's a hard thing to say, because I hope that they all have some kind of impact or contribution," Colbert said when asked about which rookies he thinks will have an impact this season. "Until we get them and work with them, see them interact with our veteran players, we won't know what we have. Really, we think that all of them could contribute this season. In what capacity and how much, it's really too tough to say at this point, but we are anxious to get them in here this weekend, so that we can start learning about them and have them learning about us."

Having been a part of the organization since 2000, Colbert has been a part of many exciting and unforgettable moments in team history. When asked about his favorite moments, perhaps not surprisingly, he pointed to the Super Bowl victories and the time he spent with Ambassador Daniel M. Rooney as memories that will always stand out to him.

"The most rewarding thing has been winning two Super Bowls. There's nothing, professionally, that can replace that. That's really what we try to drive for each and every season. So without a doubt, those are the two most memorable events that have happened here," said Colbert. "You also always have to acknowledge the opportunity that I had to spend time with Mr. Dan Rooney. That was something that I would trade any Super Bowl for, because that was a unique experience. I'm just grateful for that opportunity in my career."

For a full replay of the event and to become a member for free, visit now. There will be many more opportunities coming for fans to connect directly with the team, as well as score amazing rewards and exclusive benefits for being a member.

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