Celebrating the women of black and gold

Today is a special day in sports.

It's a day to celebrate those who make an impact, on the field and in board rooms, in sports. Those who haven't always had a voice or a seat at the table, but now are the voice at the table.

It's National Girls & Women in Sports Day (NGWSD), a day that originated in 1987 when it was declared by then President Ronald Reagan. It was originally designated to honor late Olympic volleyball player Flo Hyman, but has since evolved to recognize all girls and women in sports in any fashion.

"When I first started out with the Steelers, I was the only full-time female athletic trainer in the NFL," said assistant athletic trainer Sonia Ruef. "And now I think over half the teams have a full-time female staff member. It shows that it's really grown."

Today the Steelers are celebrating the women in their own organization, those who are a part of the team in a wide variety of roles, but all working toward the same team goals.

"It's definitely pivotal for a lot of women that want to be in the position that we are now," said communications assistant MacKaiya Cherry. "It's good to be able to say, 'Okay, I can do that.' I think people assume they have to be on the sidelines. That's not always the case. There are so many opportunities in sports. Everyone knows there is a glass ceiling, it's just a point of being able to have the courage to break that glass ceiling."

Get to know the women of the Steelers by visiting The Women of the Steelers Organization to read what they love about working in sports, and be sure to watch the video to learn why this day is so special.

The goal is always for roles to continue to grow for girls and women in sports and the Steelers are always supporting that growth.

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