Offseason Program

'Catch with your eyes'

One of the noticeable developments at the Steelers' rookie minicamp has been new wide receivers coach Darryl Drake announcing his presence with authority.

Drake has been heard as well as seen this weekend at the UPMC Rooney Sports Complex.

And wide receiver Marcus Tucker maintains everyone's getting the message.

"A lot of Drake-isms that we're picking up on," Tucker said. "Definitely 'catch with your eyes,' definitely 'keep your eyes on the defender,' there's a couple more that you guys can't really know right now."

Including a Tucker favorite that isn't considered appropriate for media consumption.

"I can't say it right now, it's explicit," Tucker said.

Drake has been a taskmaster to the degree that he's stopped drills and started them again when he hasn't liked what he's seen. Transgressions that offend range from details such as hand placement on a defender that's destined to draw a penalty to the more obvious unacceptable developments, such as the ball ending up on the ground.


"That's new, for sure," said Tucker, a first-year pro and former undrafted rookie from Northern Michigan who is participating in his third rookie minicamp with the Steelers. "For out here, that's a different thing. We haven't really had that.

"Then again, we haven't really had a lot of mess-ups in the past couple years, dealing with the receiving core that we had. It is what it is.

"I love Coach Drake. He brings such a new feel to the game, new drills, just new all types of different things that we can work on. I'm excited."

Tucker, a practice-squad veteran, has also liked what he's seen from third-round quarterback Mason Rudolph

"He has a really big arm, strong arm," Tucker assessed. "He throws a great ball, and I like his leadership thus far. I feel like the kid is really able to bring the team in and kind of get everybody settled and get ready and get rockin'. I'm excited for that, to see where he goes.

"Guys notice that. Certain guys just have a command of the huddle and I think he's one of those guys that can really grasp the togetherness of the offense."