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Bell answers fan questions in live Q&A

On Friday afternoon, RB Le'Veon Bell sat down after practice to answer questions from fans in an exclusive, live streaming Q&A session. Delivered by Steelers Nation Unite, fans sent in questions via []( huddle october 102116 replay) and on social media with #Ask26, and then tuned into the live broadcast to see what Bell had to say.

The fourth-year running back took questions on topics ranging from his pregame rituals and why he wears two different color gloves, to his favorite places to eat in Pittsburgh and the most memorable part of his young NFL career. Fans can watch a full replay and hear from Bell in this exclusive session by visiting []( huddle october 102116 replay) and joining for free.

Known by Steelers Nation Unite members as the Weekly Huddle, these live interactions are available every week during the season and each week features a different Steelers player. There are also Weekly Huddles throughout the offseason, including opportunities to talk live with Team President Art Rooney II, Head Coach Mike Tomlin and Steelers Legends.

Steelers Nation Unite is the official home of Steelers Nation and not only keeps fans connected with their team, but also gives fans a way to get rewarded for their loyalty to the Steelers. To learn more or sign up, go to []( huddle october 102116 replay) now and start seeing all the different ways fans around the world show off their Steelers fandom.

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