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A steal in the sixth round

A look back at this day in Steelers history. April 24, 2010
Steelers select Antonio Brown in the sixth round of the NFL Draft

Antonio Brown – Sixth Round – 2010 – Central Michigan

On this day in 2010 the Steelers selected a little known wide receiver out of Central Michigan, a player who hadn't even played receiver until he arrived in college.

But they took the chance on Antonio Brown, and it paid off. Brown has gone on to be an all-everything receiver, even called the best in the game today by many.

But it all started during the NFL Draft, and here is a look back at what Brown had to say immediately after being drafted by the Steelers, and what then wide receivers coach Scottie Montgomery said about him.

Antonio Brown 2010 Draft Day comments:

On why he left Central Michigan following his junior season:
"I had so much success at all my years at Central Michigan. I was (MAC) Freshman of the Year during my first year; second year I gained big success; my third year I had much success, but being my coaches leaving, my head coach to Cincinnati and my receivers coach to Florida, which put value in my decision. With the coaching change and my quarterback leaving, I felt it was the best time and the best move for me."

On what he likes more, playing receiver, or returning punts and kickoffs:
"I love both of them. I hope I can get on the field with the team. You know, I'm all for it. Returning is my specialty I love doing that. But, I'm also a receiver with catching the ball and getting it in the end zone."

On being a walk-on at Central Michigan:
"I was a walk-on and earned a scholarship. Nothing was given to me. I've been a fighter all my life. This is a blessing to be here. To be part of the Pittsburgh championship culture, and I'm ready to get started. Let's get it in. Let's go."

Then receivers Coach Scottie Montgomery on Brown:

On Brown's ability:"He is an exceptional player with the football in his hands. He's one of those natural guys at fielding punts and kickoff returns. There's a lot of things you can do from a coaching standpoint, but if they can't get to the spot and catch it, then you can't really help a lot of them. He is one of those guys that does have the natural ability to catch it. He has great short-space quickness. He is one of the last guys in a long  line of guys to come out that can make a move going forward, being able to put his foot in the ground in a forward motion, meaning not coming to stop or coming to balance in order to make someone miss."On why he came out early for the draft:
"He lost a tremendous amount of his staff at Central Michigan and a lot of the people that he connected with, one being Zack Azzanni who I had a previous relationship with, who is now at the University of Florida, was (Antonio's) receiver coach.  He also lost a good portion of the rest of the staff and where he was in his career with 110 catches in that year and a couple thousand-yard seasons, he felt it was time to go and move on."

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