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Steelers Nation Unite

A chance to get rewarded during the holidays

This holiday season, Steelers Nation Unite is gifting members with some amazing prizes and experiences. From December 14 through December 25, the official home of Steelers Nation will be giving away a new jersey each day, plus another awesome gift.

Fans can sign up for free to become Steelers Nation Unite members at and then gain yards for a number of different activities for a chance to win. As members, fans progress through four different levels – Starter, Veteran, Pro Bowl and Hall of Fame – and level up for every 150 yards gained.

For a chance to get rewarded during the 12 Days of Steelers Giveaways, members must be in the Veteran level or higher to be entered in the daily drawings. Additionally, with every new level comes a new set of benefits and rewards, including up to 25% off purchases at

After signing up, members gain yards for everything from sharing their traditions and submitting hangouts for fans, to shopping at the Steelers Pro Shop and attending games. Here are just a few examples of ways to gain yards:

  • Complete Your Profile - 25 Yards
  • RSVP for Games - 5 Yards
  • Submit a Steelers Tradition - 5 Yards
  • Participate in the Weekly Huddle - 5 Yards
  • Watch Steelers Live - 5 Yards
  • Listen to the game on the Steelers Radio Network/SNR - 5 Yards
  • Make purchases at the Steelers Pro Shop at – Up to 30 yards

For more information on all of these activities and to become an official member, visit now.

As a diehard fan, there's no reason to miss out on some unbelievable gifts and experiences that Steelers Nation Unite is gifting to members this holiday season.

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