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Williams: 'They are deadly'


Running back DeAngelo Williams has said it time and time again.

"Fun equals numbers."

And from the looks of things the last few weeks, the Steelers offense is having a whole lot of fun.

The Steelers have scored 30 points or more the last six games, extending a franchise record and the longest streak in the NFL of 30 plus point games. It's a point total Ben Roethlisberger said they were capable of reaching even before the season started, and it's coming to fruition.

"It's just having fun that is giving us that fire power," said Williams. "Somebody told me we were down 17 points in the game on Sunday and I didn't even know it because we are just out there having fun, trying to extend drives. Extending drives and having fun equals points. If we are having fun the points will come and that is what is happening now."

A great deal of that credit goes to Roethlisberger and the aerial assault. Roethlisberger is putting up huge numbers, tying a single game record for most completions with 40 against the Broncos on Sunday. He has thrown for over 300 yards in each of his last four home games, and just continues to use every weapon he has at his disposal.

"I have said it time and again, we have the best quarterback in the world," said Williams. "It's all working because of the communication with Ben and the wide receivers and myself. Our tight ends do a great job of blocking and are receiving threats. The running backs, we are becoming receiving threats. The receivers have always been threats. They are deadly. You can't double one guy and single cover another guy. You have to pick your poison and when you do that Ben will expose you."

The offense has its admirers, from former coaches and players turned analysts, to those who practice against them every day.

"Our offense is unstoppable," said Heyward. "The only time they get off the field is because they beat themselves. To have an offense that can go up and down the field with anybody and it doesn't matter who is out there, it's pretty special. You have Ben at quarterback, great receivers all around, you have Heath (Miller), DeAngelo stepping in, the offensive line doing a great job.

"They don't rest on their laurels, they don't pat themselves on the back. They are trying to continue it, keep running up the score. You appreciate that as a defense. We are just trying to make it the same on the other side. To go against that during practice only makes you better."

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