Williams: 'I can focus on my craft and get better'


Second year player Vince Williams is taking part in his first full offseason program with the Steelers, which began last week with Phase One of the program.

Williams understands the importance of being involved, arriving even weeks earlier than the voluntary program started so he could use the weight room and be prepared.

Williams shared his thoughts on a variety of subjects, including how much he has grown since his rookie season.


On what it was like to have time off after a long rookie season:"I don't think there is an offseason. Once you get in it you realize if you want to be the kind of player you want to be, and be elite, you don't have the opportunity to be off. I took advantage of having that time to know what I need to work on for the season and tried to get better in those areas." **On his thoughts of the turnout of players at the offseason program: "Everyone understands what we are trying to accomplish. You want the Super Bowl. I think everyone feels the importance of that. This year we want to make an impact. I think the whole team really feels the importance of that."

On having defensive assistant Joey Porter now as a point of reference: "I am thinking about renting out one of the rooms in his house and learning everything from him. I want to be baby Joey Porter. He played outside, but I want to learn as much as I can from him."


View photos of the Steelers phase one offseason program.

On having the full offseason program to take advantage of:** "Last year when we came in we were rookies and thrust into it. Now we are understanding how it goes. It's not like I am in a panic or rush. I can focus on my craft and get better."

On how different he is football-wise now vs. this time last year: "I feel like it's light years difference, just the understanding I have from being under Coach (Dick) LeBeau. Just my understanding of the 3-4 and my role in it is tremendous. Going back and watching film I think if I knew then what I know today…the plays I could have made. But watching film and going back through with the understanding you can see that you have grown so much."

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