Where Are They Now? Nolan Harrison



Defensive End

Resides in Scottsdale, Arizona


What is your current job and what does it entail?

I am a vice-president and financial advisor with Morgan Stanley. I have been doing this for a good bit. I am also a registered player financial advisor with the NFLPA.

Do you enjoy being in the business and financial world?
I do. It all started when I went to Pittsburgh. I took an internship with Southwestern Mutual. That is what started my adventure down the road of finance. My background was in insurance. I thought it would be nice to go down the finance road. It's been a great adventure since I left the game.


You were involved with the NFLPA as a player, are you still involved?
Yes, I am on the steering committee with the NFLPA for retired players. It's the same type of position you have when you are a current player. You have the player reps, and they elect the executive committee which I was on when I was with the Steelers. They have the same type of system set up for retired players.  There are reps in each major city. There is a group that meets to have activities and so forth. There is a convention every year where you have an opportunity to run for the steering committee which governs all of the chapters that we have.


Is it a good way for you to keep active with the game?
It is. I was always really active as a player rep and executive committee member. It's a great way for me to continue that role and try to help the guys out, including the older guys. It's different because there are so many guys from so many different eras so learning about some of the things the guys went through and the things that they were doing and learning from their experiences is good. It's been a nice little journey of exploration and experience.


Do you hear all kinds of stories from those guys?
I have heard stories from guys who played quarterback when they wore leather helmets. When they were done with the game they had to go to their second job or when the season was over with they had their second jobs. It's amazing what we take for granted as the young guys what these guys who literally played for the pure love and joy of the game. It's really nice to get that perspective. They made very little money but loved to play the game. It's fun to hear their stories. I've talked to guys who have come back from the Air Force, or Marines, or Army and fought in the different wars and came back and continued their playing career. Talk about taking some time off. Time off was football for them. They were out there battling it. They have a unique perspective.


What is the fondest memory from your playing career?

It's easily the 1997 season. It was my first year there. We broke so many records. We got so close to playing in the Super Bowl. I remember that so vividly. The guys were great, playing with Joel Steed and Kevin Henry. I played with Greg Lloyd. I still talk to him every once in a while. The guys hustled and came after it. It was my seventh year in the league and hadn't enjoyed much success with the Raiders, for my first year in Pittsburgh to go to the AFC Championship game there was no season that could compare to that.


What did you like most about playing for the Steelers?

How classy it was. It's a first class organization. There are no classier owners or organization to be a part of. Coach (Bill) Cowher was a great coach, the coaching staff, the office staff. It was my first year being married and Susan and I felt welcomed. It was the first year away from the Raiders and everything was really comfortable. I loved the fact that the Steelers really prided themselves on having educated players. The Steelers have always been an organization that always focused on the family aspect and the men aspect of the guys that play. They always gave guys the opportunity to do something greater.

Mr. Rooney wrote a letter of recommendation for me when I was considering going to law school. Those are the kinds of things that I associate with the Steelers organization. I was gone from there when they did that and it was really classy. 


Teammate you were closest to during your playing days?

Kevin Henry and I talked a lot when I played. Greg Lloyd because we took Tae Kwon Do together. Levon Kirkland and I were close and have talked since I retired. Dermontti Dawson and I were close and still talk. I try to keep in touch with some of those guys.


Teammate who was the biggest character?

Earl Holmes was easily the biggest character at the time. He was the biggest talker and character we had on the defense. I will never forget some of the exchanges he had with John Elway and some of the guys we played against. Earl was always talking.


Do you still follow the Steelers and if so, how closely?

I follow them very closely. I don't miss a game. I have people over my house and we'll have Steelers parties. There is a huge Steelers bar here. Sometimes I go watch the game there. I will sometimes put my Steelers shirt on and I am running around cheering for them.

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