Where Are They Now: Brentson Buckner


Brentson BucknerDefensive End1994-96Charlotte, NCWhat are you doing?

I am a Minister in Newburg. I also have my own radio show the Frank and Buck show that is on every day from 12-3 talking sports.What is the fondest memory from your playing career?

The passion the fans had. You came out there and put that uniform on and when you ran into Three Rivers Stadium and saw the bleachers bouncing up and down and heard the "Here we Go Steelers," you really appreciated it. That and the passion with which we played and the love we had for one another. No matter if you played one year and left, when you came back it was like you never left. That is one thing I miss and still remember.What was your best game?

It was against Jacksonville in 1995. We just came off the bye week, Joel Steed was suspended. I moved to nose guard and had six tackles and two sacks and we went on to win eight or nine straight games and go on to the Super Bowl.

What made playing for the Steelers special?
It was the tradition. I grew up a Steelers fan. Everyone from South Georgia was either a Dallas or Atlanta fan. I was the only Steelers fan. It was great. I lived the dream. I would have played for the Steelers for free because I was a fan. I lived the ultimate fan experience coming here and playing. The tradition and the way the Rooney family treated us, being able to see guys like Mean Joe Greene, and they would give you the nod and say, yeah, you are keeping our tradition going. That was the greatest feeling ever.

How did you become a Steelers fan?
I always liked them. I went against the grain. Growing up in the 70s there were a lot of Dallas fans. I liked the black and gold team and the way they played and attacked the game. They were characters in their own right. You could tell there was something different about that Steelers way of playing football.Who was your favorite player as a kid?

My favorite player growing up was Andy Russell. He didn't have the numbers, but he always made plays. Mean Joe Greene and Rocky Bleier too. My father was as Vietnam Veteran and he would talk about Rocky. He played in the backfield with Franco and he helped make the team go. I met Franco and Rocky and Joe coached me. I met Andy Russell for the first time visiting for the Alumni Weekend.

Do you still follow the Steelers and if so, how closely?
I follow the Steelers closely. Myron Bell and I started a youth team and we are the Steelers. We teach them the Steelers way, the same creed. The uniforms look the same. The people in Charlotte get mad at me. I say I am a former Panther, but a Steeler for life. I am the ultimate Steelers fan.

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