What the Seahawks had to say after the game


Game action from the Pittsburgh Steelers' Week 12 game at the Seattle Seahawks.

HEAD COACH PETE CARROLL** (Opening…)    "What a football game that was today.  Golly, there was so much that happened, so many explosive plays, so many challenges back and forth for both teams.  We feel like we got a win over a very, very good football team, and that's why we take this one in high regard.  They were on it today, and hard to stop.  Their quarterback, Ben was fantastic and their catchers were great.  They challenged us to the max.  We had what we needed today to get it done.  It was a great job of going through the game and didn't turn the football over on offense.  We came up with four (turnovers) today, and got some picks for the first time in a bunch.  Who would have thought that Ahtyba Rubin would get a pick today?  There were a lot of really exciting things that happened in this football game.  Russell played like crazy, he had a fantastic game today.  His receivers were all over it and did magnificent stuff catching the ball, making plays, making first downs.   We were good on third down, we were good in the red zone.  We big-played it, like we like to.  Doug Baldwin's game was incredible.  Amazing, long touchdown catch.  The catch was fantastic.   There were just so many cool things that happened.  I thought also DeShawn Shead came through in a big way, you can't get challenged more in a football game than they challenged him and he made play after play after play.  There was incredible accuracy on the throws, by Ben, just incredible accuracy down the field that made us have to make plays so many times.  They had a lot of yards and did a lot of good things.    It was a very, very interesting game to watch, I would think, because there was so much happening.  I'm happy to get the win.  We played really hard, as they did.  We're ready to move on to the next step.   I will tell you that Jimmy did hurt his patellar tendon today, and they tell me already that he's going to have to have surgery on that.  We've loved Jimmy Graham coming to our team, and we're very grateful that he's been part of it.    We're going to miss the heck out of him the rest of the season.    He's been a fantastic addition to us, and you saw him again today doing stuff, and he was going to have a huge day today, if he was able to stay out there.  That's unfortunate."

(On how sharp Russell Wilson was today…) "I think we might have converted five, third-and-10s or more, and that's crazy.  Usually you get 1-out-of-5 if you're lucky.  That was a fantastic job by the guys in protection, to give him a chance in those situations.  It's not just the throwing, the catching was great, and the run after catch was great for us by a number of different guys.  Jermaine has two touchdowns today, we didn't even talk about it.  He had a fantastic day and helped us on third down as well."

(On Wilson being sick most of the day…)   "He's OK.  Thomas was sick, too.  Thomas has something that he caught in the middle of the week and couldn't quite shake, so he was a little bit under the weather as well."

(On Wilson leading 3 big drives in the fourth quarter….)  "It is kind of an unorthodox way to play and win the football game, but that's what we had to do today.   We've seen, when we need him, we've seen him in other games at times be able to have that kind of day.  The last two games, he's just playing lights out.   We needed every bit of it, obviously.  It took everything that everybody had to get this win today, and certainly he was on his game."

(On whether Wilson is more equipped to win a game like this…)  "He's been pretty explosive for a long time.  I just think today was an opportunity to make some stuff happen, and the guys came through, and they all worked together great.  He was on the money and made some terrific clutch plays today.  There might have been eight or something, big time clutch plays to get first downs and it was awesome. "


(On giving DeShawn Shead a chance to play…) ** "We wanted to give DeShawn a chance to play.  He's been competing and battling like crazy.  We thought there was a little bit of an opening for guys to step in and take advantage of that opportunity.  I thought he played a fantastic football game for his first really big game.  He's been out there before, but this one was a big game of challenges, too.  He did a great job.  Richard had a really good today, too, against a fantastic football players.  It was a great matchup all day long.  We made the ball go to the other guys. Unfortunately, we didn't stop those guys.  We have tremendous respect for Antonio Brown and what he can do with Ben and that whole offense.  It's really difficult and obviously, we couldn't slow him down very many times."

(On comparing this offense with Arizona's… ) "They are very similar teams, because their receivers are so good and the quarterbacks are just lights out.  When they're playing like they've been playing, they're really tough."

(On evaluating the defense, allowing almost 500 yards passing, but getting 4 interceptions…) "To get those yards, they had to put it up and take some chances and our guys came through with the big plays that's just been missing in our game.  It gave us opportunities for field position and stopped some drives and momentum.  It was really important to feel that during the game.  But, we need to do better.  There are so many plays out there, as we go back, that we'll be able to coach up and try to improve on.  But, you have to give them credit.  That's a fantastic football team and great players over there."

(On defending the fake field goal…)  "We were prepared and anticipated that they would do something in the kicking game.  It was played just perfectly.  It was a great play by Jeremy."
(On the play of Doug Baldwin…)  "Those guys were just so synched up today.  The great seam route touchdown that he hit to Doug, and the one to Kearse, those are fantastic timing plays, with great confidence, he ripped the ball in there.   The crossing route that Doug scored on was just a crazy catch.  He barely got sight of the ball and somehow held onto it.  Had the finish, with a little help from Tyler Lockett.   A great finish by Tyler, too, to spring him."

(On the 69 yard touchdown by Pittsburgh…) "We lost our deep coverage due to the scramble.  We reacted up, and we never should have against Ben.  We gave them a chance to make a big play, and they did."

(On whether there is a timetable with Jimmy Graham….) "I don't know that stuff."

(On whether the season is over for Graham…) "Yes."

(On what happened with Marcus Burley…)  "I'm not sure what that injury was.  I have no notes here.  I think it was an ankle or something."

*(On Wilson being successful throwing from the pocket…) * "We've seen that all year.  We've sensed it early on that he's been very confident standing in, when he gets his time.  Against a very difficult defense to protect, our offensive line did a great job to give him the chance.  You can see when he's in there, he's really solid.  That's an emerging improvement in our football team, and it gives us a chance to count on, in games like that when we need him.    We've been talking about it, that's legit progress now, to see us protect like we did today, again.  So, I liked it a lot."

(On what the win means…) "I think it's a really strong win.  It's such a good football team.  We have to get on top of this .500 thing, and get going here, if we're going to have a chance.  Today we start that, and we'll see what happens.  I think, as we continue to play football that we can count on to win games in tough situations in a number of different ways and all that, it gives us the chance and the hope that we can go get another one.  That's all that it is right now, it's a one game opportunity going forward, and we'll see if we can get another one. "

(On seeing the turnover margin being positive….) "Heck yeah, finally.  Finally.  Isn't that something?  Plus 4 today, it was awesome."

(On whether he's starting to feel some positive momentum…) "We'll see.  Let's see how we come out of it.  We definitely feel it's happening.  The play is so solid across the board, so many guys giving it up in so many different areas, it's a collective and everybody realizes that, and everybody's contributing.  It's really important to sense that so we can really connect and anticipate that happening again.  That is what happens when teams get going, and they really feed off of one another, and that's what's happening. "

(On the importance of holding Pittsburgh to field goals on long drives…)  "There's no question that they got down there in a hurry a couple of times, and we were able to find a way to keep them from getting in.  The red zone stuff worked out OK in that regard.  I don't know what the numbers were, but we needed every one of them, obviously.  The other thing is converting when we were down there, it was really a pleasant thing to watch today."

(On getting pressure on Roethlisberger in the second half…)   "It was a couple good things that Kris got going with the rush and mixing the pressures and our guys feeling comfortable with the way they were protecting against us, and it really showed it early.  We needed to rush him all day long to keep him from doing what he was doing, and it was really hard and they did a great job."

(On how Jeremy Lane played today…) "I can't tell you.  I know he made a couple plays.  Missed a couple tackles, I think, too.  First time out, this is like his first preseason game after a long, long wait.  To have a chance to make that big play was awesome.  I can't even imagine what he was thinking as he was stumbling down there, and he could see the goal line.  That was a fantastic play, and it was really a big deal in the game."

(On more consistency in the offensive line…)  "I think we've been making progress for more than just two weeks.  I think it's about a five game thing that we see.  I think we can really count on our guys to play good football, and they made it through again, and they learn more, and they get smarter, and more together.  We're going to count on those guys to really come through down the stretch."

(On whether he was surprised Pittsburgh kicked the late field goal…)  "I would never make a judgement on that one.  They did what they thought they needed to do."

(On being in a game with so many 2-point conversion tries…)  "I don't remember ever that happening like that.  I'm a little disappointed that we weren't able to knock one of those things in.  We'll get one.  We're due.  We're going to get one the next time out."

(On how DeShawn Shead played…)  "I thought he played great.  I thought he had a terrific football game. That's because of the respect we have for their offense and their receivers and their passing game and all that.  He was challenged throughout.  There was no hiding out there today.  They were coming after guys, and they went after him, like they should.  That wasn't uncharacteristic of them, they played like they always play, very aggressive down the field.  He held up play after play after play.  I thought he did a great job."

(On how the new PAT rules have changed the game…) "I don't know, it's a little different.  Look up there and see 18-14, that's not familiar.  We've had our problems, now, even kicking it a couple of times.  It's a factor.  It adds to the uncertainty of the game and maybe that's what you guys like.  I think it's probably pretty good in the long run."

(On going to Luke Willson after Graham was injured…)  "I think it was a little bit of something that Bev wanted to hit.  I thought Bev called a fantastic game today.  He wanted to come right back to the tight end spot.  He had the thought, and did it, and I thought Luke answered it very well and did a great job, too."

(On injuries to Demarcus Dobbs and Will Tukuafu…)  "Both of those guys had head injuries.  They had concussion symptoms, so we had to keep them out.  We'll take great care of those guys and be very patient with whatever we need to do to get them back."

(On how he is feeling…)   "I'm feeling good.  To get a huge win against a very, very good football team.  I thought we were battle tested, we continue to stay the course, we found a way.  If you're asking how I'm feeling, it's not too good, but you always feel a little better when you win, especially on your birthday."

(On whether he was getting IVs during the game…) "I think I had three today.  I've been up since pretty early this morning.  I think just relying on my teammates to make plays for us, they did a phenomenal job.  Jermaine Kearse, Doug Baldwin, Jimmy Graham had a lot of nice big catches for us.  Obviously, to lose him really hurts.  He's such a great teammate. He's a phenomenal football player, but an even better person.  We just have to be there for him in that way.  I thought a lot of the guys played well.  I thought the offensive line was phenomenal.  They blocked extremely well against a very, very good Steelers defense in their front 7 and what they do up front."

(On the 80 yard touchdown… )  "It was man coverage.  Doug did a good job of getting open there.  I threw it quick to him, just so he could catch it and run.  He made a phenomenal run.  He got off the guy and just accelerated to the end zone.  Just to see his speed there, obviously he can do so many things for us.  You think over the past 4 years, Doug has been so clutch for us in so many different ways.  He's a phenomenal football player.  He makes a lot of great plays out there, he knows what he's doing.  Jermaine Kearse, too, as well, those two guys, they really show up."

(On converting third and long…)   "When you're Third and 10 , multiple times, you can't check out.  You have to stay the course, you have to believe that you can make the first down and find a way and just trust your reads and guys were getting open and making plays and getting first downs.  I think we even got two touchdowns on third and long.  That was huge.  We have to do a better job that we don't keep the game in third and long; that's really tough to do.  Guys made some great catches.  Jermaine made that great catch down the sideline on that go route.  Jimmy made some big time catches on third and long.  Doug Baldwin had that touchdown catch in the red zone on third and long.  We converted, but we don't want to be in those situations."

(On what got him through the day…)  "Just the passion of the game and teammates.  The fire that they all brought, and we all brought together.  Love the game.  When you love the game, you do anything to find a way."

(On whether he had the flu…) "I don't know yet.  I have to figure out.  I think just the flu.  I ate something funny, I don't know.  Probably just the flu, though."

(On when did it start…)  "I was good last night.  Then, this morning, I woke up at 5:45, and it didn't look too good after that."

(On his focus being more sharp today….) "I don't know.  Just being really focused on one play at a time.  Not trying to change too much.  I think that the thing we're trying to focus on, trying to communicate is just stay the course.  Play one play at a time, be in the moment.  We were able to do that tonight across the board.  The defense hung in there and they made some big time plays when we needed them.  They got an interception there, and they made a couple of big interceptions against a very good Steelers team. It was a collective effort, and that was a lot of fun. It can't get more fun.  You have two great stellar football teams going after each other, and we were able to come out on top tonight."

(On answering the Arizona game…)  "That's not my focus.  I have to ignore the noise; good, bad or indifferent.  You always want to respond, whether you have a great game or not so good of a game.  You want to come back and keep fighting, and keep swinging and keep trusting the process and the journey.  That's what it's all about.  It's a collective team effort, and we have to continue to grow, continue to build.  I love that we were able to find a way to win tonight.  But, we have to move on to the next week. "

(On whether the team is gaining momentum…) "You have to enjoy it.  To win against a very tough football team like the Steelers, they played a phenomenal game all across the board the whole night.  Does it gain momentum?  It's two wins, that's what I know.  I think that next week is going to be another tough matchup, and we just enjoy that week.  Get ready for that week.   The separation is in the preparation.  We have to do a great job of preparing for that.  Hopefully, we can get a tough one on the road.  "

(On whether the offense proved something by winning a game like this…)  "I thought we did a great job tonight on offense.  We hung in there, kept battling.  We played relentless football, and that's how we have to play.  It's a collective team effort."

(On whether it mattered to win in this manner…)  "I think ultimately what matters is that we win.  You can win in a lot of different ways, and we've won in a lot of different ways the past several years.  I think that ultimately, the truth of it all is that we found a way to win.  We made a lot of great plays.  The wideouts were unbelievable tonight making catches. The tight ends too, as well.  I thought Thomas Rawls ran it really well.  Ultimately, the goal is to go 1 and 0 every week, and that's what we were able to do tonight."

(On what make the Baldwin and Kearse so valuable…) "I think the thing about Doug and Jermaine is that they're so consistent.  And they're clutch, and they're clutch in the big moments, and they rise to the occasion, and that's what you love about them.  Those guys, they love the football, they love making plays.  They're relentless, they fight for first downs, they fight for touchdowns.  They work so hard every week in practice.  Guys elevate because of those guys too, as well.  Just watching those guys and their energy in practice, the way that they smile, the way they go to work every day, you get energy from that.  You feel their passion, and that's something we want to have across the board every day, every week, and that's what we've been able to do.  It's a collective team effort, like I keep singing, and there's a lot of guys on our team that do that.  Those two guys, Doug Baldwin and Jermaine Kearse, they definitely represent that."

(On the improvement in the offensive line…) "You have to remember, we started off the season and played some very tough teams, in this whole season so far, and we had some guys move around and figure things out.  We had to fight, we had to battle.  I wouldn't want to play behind anybody else.  They fight their butts off every play.  We made some really big time protection calls and guys blocked them up and we did some good things, and they gave me enough time to make some throws and we were able to capitalize on those third downs and we did great there, and we did great in the red zone, and even those third and long situations at the end of the game, we capitalized on those opportunities."

(On Luke Willson stepping in….) "He's a guy that works so hard, so when Luke gets in there it's no surprise that he makes a lot of great plays.  He understands our offense, understand what we're going to do.  To lose Jimmy today is a heartbreaker, because he's such a great football player and a great person, and has become a great friend, too.  Ultimately, the next guy has to step up and Luke Willson's going to do a great job of that.  Cooper Helfet too, he can play great football.  Guys have to rise up the occasion."

(On whether he is playing the best football of his career…) "When I look at it, you just want to stay the course.  Not look too far.  Take one game at a time.  The momentum is going our way, and we have to keep it that way.  That's by the way we prepare, that's why the way we continue to work.  We have to step up all across the board."

(On what Jimmy Graham brought that was less obvious…) "The expectations with Jimmy, I think he's accomplished those.   Have we wanted to throw more touchdowns?  Of course.  We also run the ball extremely well down there, too.  It's a happy medium.  I think he's stepped up.  Just watch the games, the catches he makes, the big first downs.  All the plays, the energy that he brings.  I think ultimately, what he's brought to us, and I know he'll continue to bring it, whether he's hurt or not, no matter the circumstances, he's a guy that's going to love each guy.  He's a guy that's going to bring the passion and bring the fire and keep guys heads up and he's done that since day one since he's gotten here.  Ever since, I was able to call him the first day, he's been that way.  He's a winner.  That's what we have in him, he'll show that, no matter what the circumstances are for him.  We'll be there for him, too.  We love him to death.  He's a great friend, a great player and great teammate.  The family will come together in that way."

(On how much sleep he got…)  "I normally get more.  But, I didn't get too much tonight.  You have to find a way to win, there's no excuses for it.  You have to find a way to win, and that's what we did tonight."

(On whether there is a chance he wasn't going to play…)  "I'm always going to play, no matter what the circumstances are.  I'm going to find a way.  That wasn't my mindset, not at all."

(On whether this was the toughest conditions for him to get through a game…) "Physically?  I would probably say so.  I haven't felt too good.  I think the key is to get some rest tonight, and recover and get back and ready for next week.  We have to get ready to go as a team effort and that's going to be fun.  I can't wait."

"Thank you guys.  Go Hawks."

(On the offensive line's performance…) "Honestly, it's a really good front and a really good team. We've been fighting each week to just get a little bit better. Today we were able to come out on top. Just the fundamentals kind of came together, the technique and understanding the assignment. We protected the quarterback pretty well and next thing you know we're busting big plays."

(On his emotions when he saw Doug Baldwin's last touchdown develop…) "I always expect it. I just know if we get the ball out and get it into guys' hands, they're going to make a big play. It was Doug's chance and he did it. I'm very proud of him."

(On how pivotal this game was…) "It's a nice confidence boost. That's a really good team and we know if we can beat a team like that we can beat anybody. Hopefully this is an experience we learn from and it is a pivotal moment just because it is another win and they're very hard to come by. So we're grateful and we're looking forward to next week."

(On how the offense played…) "We can't have two sacks. Obviously we want to protect the quarterback better but Russell (Wilson) did a really good job of getting the ball out on time, understanding where the blitz was coming from. Patrick Lewis and the young guys are playing really well. You can kind of see everything looks more cohesive. Everything is flowing a lot better and we've had success whether we're running it or we're passing in the air."

(On receivers breaking tackles…) "I always expect it out of our skill guys. That's part of our offense. Get the ball in the hands of our playmakers and have them make a big play. Doug was able to do that today."

(On Doug Baldwin's performance…) "It was cool. It was great to see our guys playing well and balling like that. Me and Doug are real competitive guys. He had some nagging injuries coming in from last week and he just stayed on it. He was in the treatment room this week doing whatever he could to be out there on the field today. That just shows a testament of his character and his hunger to be great. He showed out today."

(On the receiving core's mentality…) "We understand that the NFL season is a grind and we just have to be ready for our opportunities and when they come we just try to make the most of them and be explosive with them."

(On adjusting to the loss of Jimmy Graham…) "It's definitely unfortunate. Especially a guy that I'm pretty close with to see him go down like that. I know that he's going to do his best to get back as quick as possible. We're just going to have to make the adjustments and go off of that."

(On the Apple Cup…) "It's a pretty good week for me. The Dawgs (University of Washington) held it down in their blowout victory and won the Apple Cup. Kept the Apple Cup here in Seattle so I'm pretty proud of that. I'm definitely proud of this team and coming out of this game with the win."

(On the team's performance…) "It was phenomenal. Being above .500 for once is a relief. It was a great team effort, the whole team. This is an unbelievable win for us. Don't discredit the Steelers – they came in with a wonderful game plan and fought really hard – but fortunately enough we were able to pull it out."

(On the 80-yard touchdown reception…) "I went out there, we lined up, I knew it was man-to-man right away – they had all of their defensive backs over – and I kept shaking my head like, 'Russ, just give me a chance.' And he did. He threw the ball a little early – it caught me – but he gave me a chance and I was able to make something happen with it."

(On when he saw the ball on that catch…) "As late as you could possibly imagine, but fortunately enough my hands were already low so I didn't have to go far to catch it."

(On the last time he scored three touchdowns…) "Little league, probably. I wasn't a receiver then, I was a running back, so I had a lot more opportunities."

(On if he learned to stiff arm from Marshawn Lynch…) "I don't want to give him credit for that. That was the first time I have been able to get a stiff arm like that since college, so it meant something to me."

(On third down conversions…) "It's big. For us, I keep saying this to you guys, converting on third downs directly correlates to scoring. So when we are on the field, making plays and moving the chains, it gives us a chance to score points. It keeps the defense off the field, which gives us a chance to win ballgames. That's how we play football. If we are converting like that on third down, we are doing pretty well."

(On learning how to catch when seeing the ball late…) "Back in college, Andrew Luck used to have the ball catch me, so it was very reminiscent of those days."

(On playing consistently as an offense…) "Yeah, we've been stressing it all along that we just have to play consistently. Making plays and making the most of those opportunities – and we have been doing that. It was four or five weeks ago when I said that we have to do better on third down, and we took that to heart. We've been doing that ever since."

(On the offense beginning to click in recent weeks…) "We've got a lot of talent on our offensive side. Our running back, Thomas Rawls, has been unbelievable, and he adds a lot to that. We are able to make plays on the outside because of what our running game does. And obviously Russell Wilson is doing his magic when he has the ball in his hands."

(On Russell Wilson's focus…) "You could see in his eyes that he had that killer instinct, 'I am going to go out there and do what I've got to do.' That's Russell Wilson – whenever his back is against the wall is when he plays his best. I wouldn't count him out for anything."

(On if Russell Wilson appeared to play sick…) "He had the sniffles, but he was alright."

(On his conversation with Wilson after a bad pass…) "He said he was going to give me a better ball. Stuff like that happens. In the heat of the moment, you get frustrated because we've got to score points, you've got to put points on the board, and you want every opportunity. But that's football. Everything is not going to go perfectly. He said he was going to give me a better ball, and he did. That's all that matters."

(On the passing game tonight…) "The biggest thing is like I say every week, just making the best out of every opportunity. So when there's a play called and it's going to be a pass, nobody knows who it's going to go to. So therefore, all of us have to be able to run our routes to be able to win, to put us in the best position for Russell [Wilson] to throw it. All of us have fun. We feed off each other every time. Whether it's the defense making plays, or whether it's Doug [Baldwin] or Jermaine [Kearse] or whoever it is, Thomas Rawls, whoever makes the play we're up there celebrating with him and cheering for him. That just creates a lot of energy and the atmosphere begins to change. And you don't worry about you or what you want to do or what you want to achieve. All that we focus on is the team, and that's what helps us be successful."
(On all the wide receivers getting to catch the ball tonight…) "Of course you get hungry, but the thing about these types of games is every play counts. Even if you don't catch the ball, can you make that block. Even if it's a run and it's not going to your side, can you make that block. Because you never know what T [Thomas] Rawls is going to do. You never know if Russell [Wilson] is going to keep the ball. We look at it like there's no job too little and no job too great. If you have a little job on one part, then go ahead and make sure you do your job, because you never know when it's going to be your chance to make the best out of that opportunity."

(On if he was expecting a high scoring game tonight…) "You never know what's going to happen. Especially in these types of games. The offenses were clicking on both sides, so it made it easier for them to be able to run a lot of their plays, and for us to run a lot of our plays. The biggest thing is our defense buckled down and they answered the call whenever they needed to. They stopped them to make a field goal, and then we were able to go out there and run our four-minute offense, and luckily we turned it into a touchdown."

(On when he felt like he stopped being a rookie…) "I'll always be a rookie to the end of this year. But I can't play like a rookie, I can't think like a rookie. So a lot of the mental parts of the game, I've got to be able to respond as if I'm a veteran. It's no longer like, oh this rookie out there, he's going to make mistakes. It's alright, we need you to do your part. So I take pride in that, and I make sure that every part of the game, whether I'm out there or whether I'm on the sideline, I want to be able to make sure I'm in the best position to help the team out."

(On Pittsburgh's defense…) "They have a lot of great players. But I thought Russell's performance was absolutely unbelievable and he really made some crucial third down plays and red zone plays. It was pretty fun to watch and be a part of."

(On how Jimmy Graham's injury…) "It's tough. Especially a guy like him. First off, he was having an unbelievable game with some great plays. And everybody loves him. Great guy in the locker room. And an extremely hard worker. A guy with his type of talent, to see him work as hard as he does, it's pretty cool. And you never want to see that happen to anyone in the NFL, let alone a guy like Jimmy. You know I know Jimmy, he's probably down right now but I've gotten to know him these past six-seven months, he'll attack this rehab and be back next year."

(On bouncing back after giving up passing plays…) "They're a great team. It was a great play, it was a great battle out there. So you've just got to stay locked in. You've got to have a short-term memory as a defensive back. Short-term memory, whether they catch a pass or they score. Regardless, you've got to go back out there and line up again. So you've just got to have a short-term memory and lock in the technique, and figure out some of the things I did wrong. If there's a step I could take outside to be able to stop or make some of those plays. But at the end of the day, we've just got to keep fighting and keep battling."

(On what practice has been like for him playing multiple positions throughout the year…) "Well it's been fun overall. It's been fun just to go out there and be able to have an opportunity go in between all of those positions. Safety, corner, nickel, strong or free. Just to have the opportunity to go out there, and for the Seahawks to believe in me and trust in me to go out there and play those positions, I think it's definitely a blessing."

(On where his finger wag came from…) "That's one thing I've just been doing every time I make a play in practice. So the whole team embraced it. So that's just my thing that I do now. Everybody comes up to me and is like, 'do the Shead, no, no, no.' So I do it in celebration of my teammates as well. I feel like it's a team thing."

(On if he would stay at outside corner the rest of the year if he had the choice…) "If I had the choice, I hope I'm just on the field the rest of the year. No preference, if they can just get me on the field I just want to find a way to be the best at whatever it is. Whether it's at corner, nickel, safety, I just want to find a way to be an impact player and help this team win games."

(On if he felt he showed what he is able to do today…) "Definitely, definitely had some plays I made to show my versatility to be able to go out there and line up. There's definitely plays I could get better at outside at corner. But that's football, and the whole name of the game is try to be the best you can be. The best player on the field, and find a way to help your team."

(On his interception…) "I heard our special teams coach on the sideline yelling, 'It's a quarterback, it's a quarterback in!' So that kind of alerted me something fishy was about to happen. So I just played the play. I saw them going to the flats and the quarterback looking my way, and I just jumped it."
(On if he thought he was going to score on the interception…) "Of course, I'm always going to feel like I'm going all the way. But my leg didn't say the same. My legs just died and I fell. It was something I've never experienced before."

(On what it was like coming back and getting more plays than he expected…) "It was crazy. I asked the Lord to be with me, because I was hurting after the first quarter. I really didn't know how I was going to make it through, but He made a way for me."

(On if it will take time for him to get back into game shape…) "Exactly, it will come with time. I feel like I'll get better every week."

(On what was hurting early in the game…) "All my injuries that I suffered last year. My groin injury, my arm was hurting, my knee was hurting, and my right hamstring was hurting. I was just still out there, like I said, I played more than what I thought I was going to play. But I made it through."

(On what it felt like to play today…) "It was emotional for me. I'm surprised I didn't cry. But it felt good, I couldn't wait to get on the field."

(On the win tonight...) "They're a great team. It took everything we had. Our offense came through in a big way, they did a great job. Executing down the stretch, getting third down wins, and scoring. That was a phenomenal play by Doug Baldwin. I think people are finally starting to notice how good of a receiver he is."
(On playing against Antonio Brown...) "He's a fantastic receiver. You've got to give him all the respect in the world. I just did my best to execute our scheme and do what we had to do. There's great respect between me and him [Bryant], and it was showing in this game."

(On the interceptions coming in bunches...) "Yeah that's how they come. You talk about turnovers, turnovers. We don't really worry about it because we know. We know, we've played this game long enough to know they come in bunches. Today, I think we equaled our season total, or surpassed it, in one game. And that's how it goes sometimes."

(On playing against Ben Roethlisberger...) "He got out of the pocket and threw some balls. It's hard to keep plastering. He has a huge arm. He made some big plays. You've got to tip your hat to him. He's a great player."

(On what the win tonight means going forward...) "You know it's 1-0 every week. Next week we'll be 0-0 and we'll be battling the Vikings, and after that week we'll be trying to go 1-0. That's what we'll be working on. We'll forget all about this game and everything that happened. We'll be trying to beat a very good Minnesota team."

(On how he went back to his receiving roots on his interception...) "That's what you try to do on all interceptions. They say DB's can't catch, so you have to just bring that one in. I tried to get a good return and tried to turn the tide in the game."

(On how important the win was…) "Just another great win. Another great win at home. We'll be able to enjoy it today, tomorrow, and on to Minnesota. We just have to keep chopping away. There's a lot of football games to be played and if we can continue to keep building throughout the season I think we'll like our record."

(On Russell Wilson…) "I just noticed the player that is obviously growing. We see it in practice. We see what he is capable of doing and he showed up today. It was great to see that and it's all about continuing to keep building off of that. Continuing to keep building off of these big games, these numbers that he is putting up. And that's for everybody. If we can continue to keep building we'll continue to enjoy these W's."

(On Ben Roethlisberger…) "Oh my gosh. He's a big dude. He's a veteran quarterback. He knows how to feel the pocket and he knows where to step in to. When you do get to him he's hard to bring down. He's just a great veteran quarterback."

(On the defense's performance tonight...) "We knew it was a big game. We had to get [Ben] Roethlisberger off the spot and just make sure he didn't make the big plays on us, and pick the ball when we got a chance."

(On the win today...) "We just played a good game and everybody rallied together to close it out. That was a great win today."

(On if he will keep the ball from his interception...) "I'm definitely going to put it in my trophy case from playing with the Browns before. It was a good one to get against the Steelers. Getting one against Roethlisberger is very special."

(On what the win tonight does moving forward...) "It just lets us know that we're on the right track and to keep chopping wood and keep going forward. Then everything will be alright and everything will take care of itself."

(On what number of interception that was for his career...) "Number two."

(On where his first interception was...) "The first one was against Matt Cassel in Cleveland, when he was playing on the Kansas City Chiefs."

(On what he thought when he caught his interception tonight...) "I was just trying to get to the near sideline and take off and see what happens. Big guy tackled me and I heard the whole 12's cheering. It was pretty exciting for me."

(On what it means to get an interception off Ben Roethlisberger...) "It means a lot. That guy deserves to get picked."

(On the mentality coming into the game…) "I think it's just playing for each other. I don't think we're focusing on do or die. I think we're just focusing on staying in the moment and trying to play for each other. It's coming together these past couple of weeks."

(On what it means to play as a team…) "It feels good. It feels right. That's who we are. I think sometimes success makes you lose sight of that. But we played great as a defense. We played great as an offense. At times we weren't clicking, we had some bonehead plays. But, like I said, that's the game. I really go out there and just play free. You're going to mess up anyway. We went out there and ran around, got the job done."

(On Russell Wilson…) "Oh, he was in the zone. He was in the zone. I don't know if it was because it's his birthday today but he was definitely in the zone. The receiving core, the running game, the offensive line, I'm excited about our offense."

(On defensive concerns…) "I'm just glad we finished. We got the win."

(On how tough it was to tackle the Steelers…) "I think it starts with Big Ben (Roethlisberger). He buys time back there. Sometimes his play is so unorthodox that you don't really see it like that. You think he is open and about to scramble, even though he's slow, it's just open field. You take one step down and he's just bombing it across his body. When you play guys like him and Aaron Rodgers and elite quarterbacks you definitely have to be on your game. To finish against him feels good."

(On Ben Roethlisberger…) "I think his footwork in the pocket is one of the best in the game. That, as an aggressive defensive back like me, it's tough the whole game because I want to bite down and be aggressive. But he definitely takes advantage of those type of players and situations."

(On facing a very good team like Pittsburgh…) "It takes a lot of focus, a lot of energy. They're a really really good team and they fought us hard to the end. I just feel like we made big plays when we needed."

(On the Seahawks…) "I feel like we're doing good. I feel like everything is changing for the better. This is a big win for us. To finally get above .500 is a good thing for us. I'm just excited and ready for the next game."

(On his recognition of crossing routes in the beginning of the game…) "We knew that they were going to come and try to do some quick stuff. I just wanted to make sure I was ready for them. I figured if I could stop the short stuff then they would start taking their shots deep and let Sherm (Richard Sherman) and D Shead (Deshawn Shead) make their plays."

(On Ben Roethlisberger's ability to keep plays alive…) "We definitely have to stay on our coverage longer. If everybody does their job down the field he is going to try to dink something down and we have to make sure he doesn't get that much yardage. He's a good quarterback and he finds open receivers."

(On Pittsburgh's pocket collapsing late in the fourth quarter…) "That's just our pass rush. They start getting to him and he starts getting the ball out quick. He started making bad throws and we took advantage of it."

(On the defensive communication…) "I think we just took charge as players. Make sure everybody communicated and everybody was on the same page. Make sure everyone was on the same defense and just fly around and have fun."

(On Markus Wheaton…) "He's very hard. All of their receivers are some of the fastest receivers we've played against. We knew it was going to be a tough task and we're happy we came out with the win."

(On how aware of the sidelines he was on his interception…) "I was in the moment so I didn't even pay attention. All I heard was a bunch of noise. I know they were going crazy over there, because we all go crazy when someone makes a play on this team."

(On what the difference was with all the turnovers today…) "Just taking advantage of the opportunities that we got. I think that was the key. I think Ben [Roethlisberger], he gives his receivers, tight ends, anybody a chance to catch the ball. A chance to make plays. So I think when we were in the right spots and we did what we had to do, we just took advantage of the opportunities."

(On how challenging the Steelers offense was…) "It's a great receiving corps. But the quarterback, he's definitely one who buys time for them to get open, buys time for them to change up their routes. He's very in tune with how they run their routes, and they're very in tune with his escapability and him throwing down field. So that was a big challenge."

(On the defense closing out a fourth-quarter lead tonight…) "Earlier in the year, there was a lot of miscommunication, missed tackles, penalties. I think now, during the course of the ending of this game, we kind of talked to each other and was like, 'It's on us now.' The offense did what they had to do, right now it's up to us to stop them and hold them from scoring."

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