What does Joe Greene think of James Harrison?


Hall of Fame defensive tackle Joe Greene recently shared his take on the Steelers' defense, giving his thoughts on a player he felt would fit in perfectly with the 1970s Steelers, what he would like to see from the defense and captain Cam Heyward.

Here is what Greene had to say:

On linebacker James Harrison and if he would have fit in with the players from the 1970s:"Absolutely. I like the way he approaches the game. He is a little quiet, kind of like I was, not like Dwight (White). He brings it every play. I like his intensity, his focus on getting the job done. I thought what he brought to the table last year was a great shot in the arm for our football team and the defense. I hope he is able to do that again this year."


On what he would like to see overall from the Steelers defense:"**What I would like to see, I would like to see No. 62 (Dan McCullers) get his tail over the center and beat the crap out of the center, the guard on the right side and the guard on the left side. Then we will be better. Show some energy by what you are trying to do. You've got the size, you have the ability, you just have to get out there and do it. If he starts doing what he is capable of doing then the rest of that defense will fall in line."

On defensive end Cam Heyward and what he brings to the defense:"He has the desire to win. He does a good job. He is better on the right than on the left in my view. He is a better five than a three, but in the defense he has to do both.

"He has to keep growing and don't get disappointed or discouraged. The season is ebbs and flows. As a player you are going to have good games and bad games. Don't get too high on the good ones or two low on the bad ones. Just stay after it, listen to your coach and watch tape and look for ways to win. Put it in your mind that you are the best guy out here and you are going to beat your guy every time the ball is snapped."

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