Trubisky is ready to go as QB1

While Steelers fans everywhere were waiting for Coach Mike Tomlin to make the official announcement on who would be the team's starting quarterback during his weekly press conference on Tuesday, those in the race for the job knew well in advance who the starter would be.

Mitch Trubisky said he learned the news last week that he won the battle that took place in training camp and the preseason between himself, Kenny Pickett and Mason Rudolph.

"They let us know last week so we had a heads up," said Trubisky. "I was kind of anticipating that and just excited for the opportunity. And now we prepare. Get ready to go."

Trubisky will make his first regular season start for the Steelers when they open the season against the Cincinnati Bengals on Sept. 11 at Paycor Stadium. He said he is excited for the opportunity and is ready to get out on the field.

"It's going to be huge," said Trubisky. "It's something I looked forward to, something I've worked for. I'm just grateful for the opportunity and I'm going to take full advantage."

Trubisky started all three preseason games, completing 23 of 34 pass attempts, 70.6%, for 283 yards and two touchdowns and no interceptions.

"I had a really good camp," said Trubisky. "I came in here with a lot of experience, showed I could lead the team. Showed I've been playing really well, throwing the football really well. Now we go out there and execute on the field."

From the time he signed with the Steelers as an unrestricted free agent in March, Trubisky hit it off with his new teammates. He has formed relationships on and off the field, making it easy for him to fit into his role and it being the perfect marriage of player and team.

"I think it's just the people here," said Trubisky of why he does fit. "I think their love for football and just how much they care about winning. Those are two things that I think are characteristics of me. I just love football. I care about winning and I care about this team. I think coming in here was just a seamless transition for me."

The reception in the locker room to him winning the job has been a positive one, similar to the reception he got a few days ago when he was one of five players voted a team captain by his teammates.

"I think everybody kind of anticipated it as well," said Trubisky. "Business as usual. I think that's just how we do things around here. Guys were excited and there was definitely congratulatory things. Same thing with being voted captain, I got the same response. It's been positive. I love my teammates here and I'm just excited to go on this ride together."

It's a ride that is going to start 100 miles an hour with an AFC North foe in the Bengals, the reigning AFC champs. There is no time to settle in, it will be full throttle from the get-go.

"I think there's always a sense of urgency," said Trubisky. "We're preparing to win every single weekend. It doesn't matter who's on our schedule. We want to play really well, and we want to win every game. We prepare that way and we go out and execute and put our best foot forward.

"We're excited no matter who's on our schedule. We're trying to win every game. That's the way we prepare and we're excited about the opportunity. We've got a great one in front of us, and we've got to prepare that way and come ready to play.

"It's always important to start fast. It's important every game you get on the board first, set the tone. In big games like this one try to take the crowd out early. We know they're going to be hyped up ready to go. It's our job to come in there prepared and execute."

More from Mitch:

On if his experience in the past helps him in his new role:
"One hundred percent. Come in and learn the offense really quick. Come into a new environment, get to know the guys, be a leader on the team, just who I am and all my experience. I think it's helped me get to this point. It showed I'm able to lead this team and be the best man for the job going forward."

On if he watched a lot of the Bengals last year while he was in Buffalo:
"I watched a lot of football on film and following teams across the league. They got a lot of guys back with that Super Bowl run. Really good defense. A bunch of talented players. We've just got to have a good plan and focus on what we do well and go out and execute."

On leaning on his past experiences starting:
"You're always leaning on your past experiences. This is the NFL and at the quarterback position there's only one guy that can go out there. Anytime you're in camp or anything, there's competition all the time. You're always trying to go out there, put your best foot forward, continue to get better every day and work for the opportunity. That's what I did."

On his thoughts on offensive coordinator Matt Canada's offense:
"We got a lot of talent. We've just got to continue to do what we do. We're building this thing together. We're finding out those things as we go, but it's a fun offense. There's a lot of different things we can do. And I'm excited to see what we can do."

On how he has improved since he played for the Bears:
"I would say processing, processing and getting the ball out quicker and then accuracy and processing."

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