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Troy's Super Bowl moments


Troy Polamalu played in three Super Bowls for the Steelers, earning a ring in Super Bowl XL when the team defeated the Seattle Seahawks, and in Super Bowl XLIII when the Steelers defeated the Arizona Cardinals.

Polamalu started all three Super Bowls he played in, with five tackles in Super Bowl XL, two tackles and a pass defense in Super Bowl XLIII, and three tackles in Super Bowl XLV.

But the Super Bowl isn't just about the game. It's about the week leading up to it, from the team picture to media day and answering question after question.

Take a look back at some of the moments during the Steelers' three Super Bowl weeks that Polamalu was a part of.

Hairy situation

Pittsburgh Steelers safety Troy Polamalu appeared in three Super Bowl Championships throughout his career.

At Super Bowl XL, Polamalu received the "best hair' award from Entertainment Tonight during what is known as media day, but what has become a circus. For Polamalu, that moment was the start of something special.

"I'd like to thank Pantene Pro V, or anyone else who wants to send me free shampoo and conditioner," joked Polamalu.

Apparently Procter & Gamble was listening and he soon became a spokesman for Head & Shoulders.

"I just let it grow," said Polamalu of his hair. "I let it grow throughout college and I think it's just become a part of me because it's like a fifth appendage now."

Staying on schedule

While many of the Steelers players went to Jerome Bettis' parent's house in Detroit for a huge dinner during Super Bowl XL week, Polamalu quietly stayed back at the team hotel, keeping his normal schedule intact.

"Back in Pittsburgh I don't go out and do much and here is no different," said Polamalu. "I just chilled and walked around."

Counting his blessings

Polamalu knew when he was in Super Bowl XL that it could be his first, and only trip there. Getting back is never guaranteed. And while he played in two more, he appreciated every moment of the first one.

"It is definitely a blessing to be a part of this game," said Polamalu. "We are really blessed just to be in this game. I can't say I will be here the next five years in a row, or maybe never again.

"I just love to play football. I think a lot of people love to play football, so it's not too different from anybody else who is doing it, loving to play football."

Part of a legacy

After winning one Super Bowl, and returning for a second in Super Bowl XLIII, Polamalu understood that he and his teammates were a part of continuing the Steelers legacy, and spoke of what that meant.

"It is to carry on that blue-collar tradition," said Polamalu. "It has never been a legacy of success, though we have had success. It is a legacy of mentality. I can never see another team having the same relationship with a city that the Steelers have with Pittsburgh."

Thanks, "Mean Troy"*


Polamalu was asked during Super Bowl XLIII week about a commercial he was set to be featured in, one for Coke Zero that mimicked the legendary Joe Greene Coke commercial from the late 1970s. The ad begins the same way as the Greene ad, with a young boy offering Polamalu his Coke Zero as he limps down the tunnel, but there are plenty of surprises in store after that.

The ad, which was filmed at Heinz Field, required the soft-spoken nice guy to have a bit of a mean streak, something he said was not easy for him.

"It was a lot of pressure, first of all," said Polamalu of filming the ad. "But I think it turned out pretty nice. Joe was such a natural for that commercial because that was his demeanor. He was Mean Joe Greene, so when he was mean to that kid, he was just being himself. For me, I had to act."

Humble as always

While at Super Bowl XLV Polamalu learned that he won the NFL's Defensive Player of the Year award. In his typical fashion, he didn't show emotion for personal success.

"I think it means a lot to my teammates more than anything," said Polamalu. "Quite honestly, when I found out I felt nothing, but I think it means a lot more to my teammates because it takes so much to make plays in this defense, in this game, and there's too many parts to really focus on just one person."


Hair advice**Five years and several Super Bowls later, hair was still a hot topic when the media spoke to Polamalu, asking him about his hair and evaluating the Green Bay Packers hair, the Steelers opponent in Super Bowl XLV.

"A couple guys on their defense have got some nice hair," said Polamalu.  "A.J. Hawk has got some good hair himself, but I saw a lot of split ends, and I've been wanting to show him.  So I think he may need to switch to Head and Shoulders."

Weatherman Troy

When the Steelers arrived for Super Bowl XLV they expected the weather to be nothing like it was in Pittsburgh. It wasn't, it was worse. Cold temperatures and snow and ice arrived in the Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas arrive almost the same time the Steelers arrived.

"I was surprised when I opened up the curtain and I saw all this snow on the ground," said Polamalu. "It was like we were back at home. Usually the Super Bowl is in a warmer environment. I think football should be played in the elements. That's the essence of this football game."

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