Tomlin talks Competition Committee

PHOENIX – Coach Mike Tomlin found the initial Competition Committee business discussed at the 2015 NFL Annual Meeting at the Arizona Biltmore more informative than anything else.

"Nothing out of the ordinary," said Tomlin, a member of the committee. "We're just pushing through discussing rule proposals and points of emphasis and things that we need to do to enhance or protect the game as we move into 2015. Obviously, the committee has met quite a bit in Indianapolis and in Naples (Fla.), and we have a lot of things to relay but not only that, information to take in.

"I think when you get in these settings you get an opportunity to be around all the coaches and executives and so forth, you get different perspectives, different ideas. We're not opposed to where good ideas and thoughts come from. Usually, that's what generates our action, the surveys and opinions given to us by clubs.

"I just think replay in general and how we use technology as we search for a more perfect game is always the hot topic, the one that generates a lot of discussion and opinions. Like all things with technology, that's probably appropriate. We all want to advance and grow with technology, but we want to do it with a degree of caution as we try to quantify the unintended consequences."

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