Tomlin prefers NFL to NCAA


Following the announcement that University of Texas coach Mack Brown will resign after 16 seasons at the school, there is the possibility of more speculation regarding that job and Coach Mike Tomlin. Already there was a report on that Tomlin and 49ers Coach Jim Harbaugh were "candidates" to replace Brown, and that was even before a decision had been made to make a coaching change.

Tomlin's career as a football coach began in 1995 at Virginia Military Institute, and he worked at three other colleges before landing the job as the defensive backs coach for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2001. He has been in the NFL ever since.

While not responding specifically to any rumors, Tomlin has spoken about why he chose the NFL as the path for his coaching career.

"I always had a desire to compete in this sport at the highest level, but you don't know if those opportunities are going to be presented to you," said Tomlin. "I think that once you're exposed to football at this level, you realize there's only one bowl game – the Super Bowl. The rest of that stuff is nice trips and sweatsuits and watches."

Tomlin also was asked whether he preferred working with professionals rather than college athletes, who first arrive on campus as teenagers.

"Absolutely," said Tomlin. "Just because the amount of what's required for you to compete at this level – the amount of detail, the amount of time spent – if you're a football junkie like me searching for ball at its highest level, it's a natural act."

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