Tomlin on Day 2 of minicamp

The Steelers were able to dodge the rain to hold their second on-field session of this 2015 minicamp on the grass fields outside their practice facility. Here are some highlights from Coach Mike Tomlin's post-practice press briefing following Day 2:

On any differences he has noticed between Dick LeBeau and Keith Butler:
"They're different people. Keith is Keith, Dick is Dick. In terms of how it relates to the job, I think it's untold. You really don't get to know people, particularly ones in positions of leadership, until they are faced with challenges. I'll probably answer that question a little differently 12 months from now."

2015 Minicamp is underway at the Steelers practice facility.

On what he expects the players to do in the five weeks between the end of minicamp and the start of training camp at Saint Vincent College:
"I want them to get in the very best physical condition possible; that's all they have control over. They don't have control over the schedule, or the weather conditions. They don't have control over any of the challenges that are awaiting them in Latrobe. What they do have control over is the level of condition they show up in. That's been the consistent message from us. I don't care where they work out at, as long as they're in great physical condition."

On whether any of the rookies have impressed him so far:

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