Tomlin: 4 things you must know vs. Saints

Off and running: Rookie running back Dri Archer has only eight carries for 41 yards in the nine games he played this season, but as Le'Veon Bell's primary backup now there is a chance he could see more action in the ground game, starting this week against New Orleans.

"We'll see how the game unfolds," said Coach Mike Tomlin. "That has a lot to do with game circumstance and how it is we choose to attack them and how Le'Veon and others are doing. Dri is a hard-working young guy and has done a nice job. Obviously there could be more opportunities there for him. I'm sure he'd be excited about that. He's been one of the guys that's been chomping at the bit to be a positive contributor to our efforts." 2.

Experience doesn't always matter: Speaking of the ground game, backing up Bell and Archer will be Josh Harris, who has yet to play a snap in an NFL regular season game. Tomlin said he isn't concerned about the lack of experience backing up Bell, with two rookies who he feels are capable of doing the job.

"Just because Dri has a limited number of carries in his career and Josh has none doesn't mean they can't be significant contributors to our efforts not only this week but moving forward," said Tomlin. "I know both guys work with that in mind. I don't think either guy is lacking confidence. To be quite honest with you, I don't think that the group that works with them is lacking confidence in the abilities of either guy. I think that everyone is probably excited to watch them and see what they can do in terms of helping us win.

"Since (Josh's) been here he's been a guy on a steady incline. He's improved day-to-day. He's a big time competitor. He's a finisher. He's done some nice things. We look forward to watching him maybe do it in a stadium."

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Balanced league:** The competitive balance in the AFC and NFL right now is high, with nine teams in the AFC and 16 overall having at least seven wins. The playoff picture seems to change at the conclusion of every game, but Coach Mike Tomlin said it's not something you can focus a lot on at this point.

"I spent a little time looking at it during the bye week, but I looked at it just enough to know that it doesn't really matter about some of those things you say," said Tomlin. "All we have to focus on is the stadium that we're in because we're in the thick of that. If we do what we need to do on a week-in and week-out basis in terms of our business in our stadium then it's not going to be required that we look around. We play some significant people moving forward (with) New Orleans being the most significant because that's who we play this week. They're in the thick of things in their division race. It is interesting but it's of no concern to me or us as we prepare for New Orleans this week."  4.

Gay's impact felt:* *Among the things the Steelers addressed during last week's bye were NFL mandated life skills sessions. One of the sessions was domestic violence training that included a video being used league-wide featuring cornerback Will Gay's story of losing his mother to domestic violence.

"It was very powerful and impactful," said Tomlin of the video. "To watch (Will) grow and some of the things he is doing in a positive way, not only for us and the causes he cares about but for the National Football League is good to see. We like the work that Will is doing there."

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