Todman: 'Practice does make perfect'


With DeAngelo Williams limited in practice on Wednesday because of inflammation in his foot, running back Jordan Todman saw more practice reps and for him, the extra work is just what he hoped for.

"Practice does make perfect," said Todman. "It's more repetition. With reps during the week you want to do well, then you get in the flow of things and it keeps going. Every opportunity you get to step out on the field is a great opportunity."

Coach Mike Tomlin indicated on Tuesday that if the foot limits Williams, or keeps him from playing on Sunday against the Cleveland Browns, that it would be Todman who would carry the load as newly signed Isaiah Pead is still getting comfortable in the offense.

"Todman is ready," said Tomlin. "He's been here for an extended period of time now. He's been here enough time now to have the details necessary to perform above the line. We're still very much in the teaching mode with Pead. How he performs from a detail and assignment standpoint during the course of this week will dictate whether or not he's going to be part of the equation at the end of the week."

The Steelers ground game is ranked fifth in the NFL through nine weeks, but Todman only has two carries for 14 yards, one of those carries coming in the win over the Raiders. He would welcome more carries and a bigger role in the offense.

"If things aren't perfect (with Williams) I know my role might increase and if it does increase I'll be ready for that and know my stuff and be on top of it, and make plays and bring something special to the team," said Todman. "I am very comfortable with this offense. Each week you get a new game plan and you get comfortable with it, and you want to know it better than the week previous. We are all competitors and I am competing to be perfect with everything I do on the field."

Todman said he is approaching this week the same as he has every other week, going at it with everything he has.

"I am going to attack it the same as I did last week and go full speed in everything in practice," said Todman. "There is always extra study, extra work, and extra film session so everything can be as fast if not faster. Attack it the same, and see how it plays out."

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