This & That: Pick your poison

  • Pick your poison: Running back Le'Veon Bell has loved being a part of the Steelers offense, one that is ranked first in the AFC and third overall in the NFL

"It starts with the guys up front and then the play calling," said Williams. "That's what it all boils down to and Ben (Roethlisberger) taking a lot of pressure off the run game because not a lot of people can focus on the run game because he does a great job throwing the ball. It's kind of more so pick your poison in this offense."

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No-huddle, no fun:** The Steelers offense, and especially the no-huddle offense they run, is something that presents challenges for opponents, and Browns' Coach Mike Pettine knows they will have their hands full preparing for it.

"Anytime you're up-tempo, it stresses the defense," said Pettine. "First of all, it's from a conditioning standpoint when you're going fast. And then I think it limits you from a call standpoint, sometimes, where you maybe can't have the variety you have when you get the chance to huddle up. To me, the Steelers' offense at any tempo is difficult on a defense, just because of the 'trigger man' playing so well.

"You're looking at a group of skill players that are as explosive as any in the league. I think DeAngelo Williams has done an outstanding job. He would start for most teams. I think that was one of the signings of the year for the Steelers, as he's playing at a very high level. I think Antonio Brown should be in consideration for not just the best receiver in football, but for MVP. He's having that kind of special year. Whatever they're doing offensively from a tempo standpoint, it really puts a lot of stress on you."

  • Coming into focus: Steelers player know the only way for them to make the playoffs is to beat the Browns on Sunday, and also have the Buffalo Bills defeat the New York Jets. But there is only one thing they are focused on, beating the Browns.

"We just have to control what we can control, and that is beating the Cleveland Browns and getting win No. 10," said linebacker Sean Spence. "Everything else, we hope it falls in our favor. We know if we don't get our win, nothing else matters. We have to get our job done."

Road warriors: The Steelers have struggled on the road this year, losing four of their seven games. A win this Sunday against the Browns in Cleveland wouldn't just help in their fight for a playoff berth, but would also ensure that they don't finish the season with a losing road record.

"We have to find a way to take our show on the road, play better on the road," said receiver Antonio Brown. "We know how hard it is going on the road in difficult environment. If we want to be the team we desire to be, we have to win on the road."

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