The challenge was accepted & answered

Ask and you shall receive.

That was definitely the case on Saturday night when it came to Martavis Bryant responding to a challenge put forth by Ben Roethlisberger, a challenge among other things where he wanted him to 'make tough catches.'

Bryant came up wi

th five catches for 29 yards, as well as an end around for 44 yards. But one catch will define the night for him; a 10-yard touchdown that will go down as one of the toughest, best catches of the entire NFL season.

"It was a great feeling knowing we needed a big play to be made in that game," said Bryant. "We knew it was going to be a fight until the end. I am just happy we came out with the win."

A week earlier Bryant had one reception for zero yards, while being thrown to three times. But Saturday night, he was the Martavis Bryant that Roethlisberger knew he was capable of being.

"After he called me out I just wanted to get back to what I do, and that is having fun out there on the field, playing football and making plays," said Bryant. "Once I was able to do that, everything was cool.

"It was like, okay he wants me to step up my game and be able to help out the team. I was able to do that against the Bengals."

Bryant's circus catch is one that had everyone talking after the game, and will have many talking for a long time to come. For him, it was the perfect way to answer the challenge.

"It's a great feeling when you know your preparation throughout the week paid off," said Bryant. "You have to continue to do that though, continue to strive.

"I got back to what I used to do. I got back to having fun. I would say it was what I needed. I just want to get back to work now and get better."

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