Taking Steelers excitement to new heights

The calendar says March, and yes it's the first day of spring, but the feeling at Kennywood Park on Wednesday made it feel like summer is in full effect.

That is thanks to the newest addition to Kennywood Park, The Steel Curtain roller coaster, which will be a part of the new section, Steelers Country at Kennywood, which won't be ready when the park opens on April 27, but will be unveiled this summer.

The highest peak of The Steel Curtain was put in place this week and park officials gave an inside look at it as construction still continues.

"Steelers Country will bring together the best of the amusement park industry and the game of football to create an unforgettable experience for all of our fans," said Jerome Gibas, General Manager of Kennywood. "The Steel Curtain is an ambitious, one-of-a-kind roller coaster that will set the bar high, not only for Kennywood, but our entire history. Delivering a safe, enjoyable and high-quality experience on the Steel Curtain is the goal for Kennywood and all of our partners."

Take a look at the progress of the Steel Curtain at Kennywood that is set to be done later this summer

For thrill seekers, and those who just love to have their insides turned upside down, The Steel Curtain won't disappoint. It will set a record as the highest roller coaster in Pennsylvania, hold the North American record for most inversions, and hold a world record for tallest inversion.

Chances are good the original Steel Curtain of Joe Greene, Dwight White, L.C. Greenwood and Ernie Holmes would be proud.

"When we started talking about this opportunity we were really energized by the ability to connect with the local community, with the regional community, with youth and families in a way that is unique and different from any other sports team," said Ryan Huzjak, Steelers Vice President for Sales & Marketing. "We are very excited about this. We are excited as an organization to open Steelers Country and certainly take the first few rides on the Steel Curtain."

Steelers Country, which is the first collaboration between an amusement park and a professional sports team, will include the Steelers Experience and an End Zone Café, which will be tailgate fare with an upscale twist.

"While the Steel Curtain is the start of the new area, Steelers Country is more than just one ride," said Gibas. "Work on the Steelers Experience Building and End Zone Café are moving along quite well. Steelers Country will provide an immersive experience in the game of football."