Sweed conference call




Wide Receiver - University of Texas

2nd Round – 53rd Overall

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Limas Sweed:

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Are you disappointed that you did not go in the first round?

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No, I am not disappointed because everything happens for a reason. I am with the Pittsburgh Steelers and I am ready to get in and go to work.


They had a first round grade on you:

* *

Well some people had a first round grade but I never paid attention to it. I've just worked hard and saw where I ended up. This is where I ended up and I am happy about it. Ben (Roethlisberger) is a great quarterback and I look forward to working with him.


What do you think about Ben Roethlisberger?

* *

I think that he is a great guy and a big, tall guy. He has a big, strong arm and can definitely deliver the ball. There are a lot of things that you want in a quarterback and he can do all of those things. He is a smart quarterback and I am just anxious to get in to work with him.


He was pushing for a tall wide receiver. Do you fit the bill?

* *

Without a doubt, there were a lot of people saying that he was looking for a big receiver and now he has one.


How much did the wrist injury affect your draft stock?

* *

Honestly I couldn't tell you because I am not a GM. If you could have seen me work out you could never tell that I had the wrist surgery. To say that was a factor or not I don't know. I got drafted and I have an opportunity to play.


When did you have the surgery?

* *

October 16th was when I had the surgery but the initial injury happened in August of 2007.


You hurt it again at the Senior Bowl right?

* *

No, I just kind of re-tweaked it. It wasn't really hurt because the wrist was healed at that point. The only thing hurt was the range of motion.


What is the difference between you and Roy Williams?

* *

The difference is a height difference. He may be a little faster but other than that not too much of a difference. 

* *


Limas have you talked to Ben yet?

* *

No I'm actually waiting for him to call me. He said he would call me in a little bit. I'm just waiting on the call.


How much do you expect to contribute to the Steelers this year? Did Coach Tomlin talk with you about that?

* *

We didn't really have a chance to talk a lot. Whatever coach needs, if he needs me to play a lot or if he doesn't need me to play a lot, whatever he needs I'm going to be the guy to do what he needs.


What kind of receiver would you try to emulate?


Obviously, I'm a big guy and I try to stretch the field. At the same time, I try to go across the middle and make the tough catches.


Can you comment on being a hard worker?


I am a hard worker. I like to put in a lot of hard work. I've done that since day one, it's something that is instilled in me.


How did you get your first name it's kind of unique?


My first name actually came from my dad.  I'm a Jr. His mother's sister came up with it, so it's been in the family for awhile.


Did you grow up a Cowboys fan?


No, I grew up a Michael Jordan fan when I was younger.


Who is your agent?


Ben Douglas with CAA.

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