Suisham talks about game-winning kick

As Shaun Suisham stood just outside the Steelers locker room on Monday, one of his teammates came by, shook his hand and gave him his props on a job well done Sunday afternoon against the Baltimore Ravens.

The congratulations were well deserved after Suisham was four-for-four on field goal attempts, including a game-winning 42-yarder as time elapsed in the Steelers 19-16 win over the Ravens at Heinz Field.

Suisham quietly said thanks, shying away from the praise the same way he shies away from talking about his own personal accomplishments.

"Fortunately I am surrounded with a lot of talented people. We have a talented team," said Suisham when asked to talk about his efforts and how calm he remains. "I am happy to be a part of a win we desperately needed. A lot of guys played good football yesterday. My job is to make field goals and I am happy I was able to do that."

Suisham is a perfect 14-for-14 on field goals this year, but none was more important than the one he hit Sunday to secure the win as time expired. Yet he approached it with the same calm demeanor he does an extra point.

"I understood the ramifications if I make the kick, but the routine should stay the same," said Suisham, who said he knew the kick was good immediately. "It's just years worth of experience and a routine I believe in. It's staying true to that regardless of the situation.

"But it was a combination of excitement and relief hitting it, relief more." 

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