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Stewart: 'I was Slash'

Former Steelers quarterback Kordell Stewart was at the NFL Scouting Combine as part of his role as a host of No Huddle on TuneIn and said he enjoyed the atmosphere at the Combine, where he ran into one of his former teammates and fellow quarterback Jim Miller who works for SiriusXM NFL Radio, as well as others he has gotten to know over the years. And being at the Combine as a part of the media and was a lot less pressure.

Stewart is amazed at the way the Combine has changed, from the setting in Lucas Oil Stadium to the overall attention it garners on NFL Network and media outlets across the country, as well as on social media.   

"With social media being the way it is, it's unbelievable how much attention and notoriety these guys are getting," said Stewart. "If you are not sure about a person's personality or who they are and what they represent, you have a chance to go to social media and connect with them. That is pretty much the difference between today's combine and the one I had. It's a lot different than it used to be."

Stewart, who was nicknamed 'Slash' for his ability to play quarterback, receiver, and take handoffs out of the backfield early in his career, loves seeing how the quarterback position has evolved with mobile quarterbacks becoming more commonplace.

"When I came into the game mobile quarterbacks were asked to change positions," said Stewart. "Even the Steelers asked me if I needed to, would I play another position. Do you think I would say no? Of course I said yes. I was Slash. I played all of the positions.

"But I was committed to being a quarterback on the National Football League level. Having to go through some trials and tribulations, and how my style was in the National Football League. Not everyone believed in it. I had to make sure I made everyone understand and believe I was capable of playing at the National Football League level. It's great to see the game evolve the way it has. Guys have been mobile for a long time, but to see it consistently. It shows you the direction the league is going in."

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