Steelers-Saints TV tops World Series

According to fast national data released today by The Nielsen Company, the Steelers vs. Saints game was seen by an average of 18.1 million people, and Steelers football out-drew Game 4 of the World Series (15.5 million) by 17 percent.

The Steelers-Saints broadcast also was the highest-rated show on a Sunday that included prime-time heavyweight shows such as Desperate Housewives and Brothers & Sisters, which air on ABC, as well as the CBS lineup of 60 Minutes, Amazing Race, Undercover Boss and CSI Miami.

The Nielsen Company data also listed the top metered markets for the telecast of Steelers vs. Saints:

  1. Pittsburgh, 52.2/68
  2. New Orleans, 48.7/68
  3. Baltimore, 19.3/29
    T4. Indianapolis, 18.4/26
    T4. Norfolk, 18.4/26
  4. Las Vegas, 17.7/28
    T7. Cleveland, 16.4/24
    T7. Nashville, 16.4/22
  5. Kansas City, 14.9/23
  6. Richmond, 14.7/22
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