Steelers playoff scenario

The final week of the NFL season will be an exciting one, with the final AFC playoff spot still up in the air.

And Steelers fan, yes, the black and gold still are in the running.

First and foremost the Steelers have to defeat the Cleveland Browns at Heinz Field on Sunday. Without that win, nothing else matters. But they also need a little help along the way.

Here is how it breaks down for the Steelers to earn the final wild card spot, with all of the following a must.

  • Steelers must defeat Cleveland at Heinz Field.
  • Baltimore must lose to Cincinnati on the road.
  • Miami must lose to the New York Jets at home.
  • San Diego must lose to Kansas City at home.

If Baltimore wins and Miami or San Diego lose the Ravens get in. If Miami wins and Baltimore loses or San Diego wins, the Dolphins get in. If the San Diego wins and Baltimore and Miami lose, the Chargers get in.

Tune in Sunday. It's going to be a fun day of football.

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